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    Previous year question papers for MBA course?

    Mba question papers

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    Re: Previous year question papers for MBA course?

    there are various MBA exams which are conducted in INDIA

    here am providing you links to all Question papers of Renowned MBA Exams

    *PREVIOUS YEARS' PAPER OF CAT http://competeindia.com/cat/cat-prev...pers-solutions

    *PREVIOUS PAPER OF XAT http://www.indiaeducation.net/XAT/Qu...-Download.aspx


    *PREVIOUS YEARS' PAPER OF TANCET http://entrance-exam.net/tancet-mba-papers/



    *PREVIOUS YEARS' PAPER OF IBSAThttp://ibsat.learnhub.com/lesson/191...for-ibsat-2012

    am attaching some Sample papers of these exams .
    you can get total set of the papers from the above mentioned links
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    Re: Previous year question papers for MBA course?

    This is the collection of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) question paper for Master of Business Administration. It will help you to prepare your examination. All questions are classified as per semester, subject code and question type as same as actual examination.

    [FONT=Arial]Course Name[/FONT][FONT=Arial] [FONT=Arial]MBA (Master of Business Administration)[/FONT][/FONT]

    Select the subject to view and download the question paper
    MBA Semester : 1
    1 MB0022 Management process and Organization Behavior
    No. of Download : 2955
    Get Questions
    2 MB0023 Business Communication
    No. of Download : 1717
    Get Questions
    3 MB0024 Statistics for Management
    No. of Download : 1840
    Get Questions
    4 MB0025 Financial and Management Accounting
    No. of Download : 1636
    Get Questions
    5 MB0026 Managerial Economics
    No. of Download : 1450
    Get Questions
    6 MB0027 Human Resource Management
    No. of Download : 1458
    Get Questions
    MBA Semester : 2
    7 MB0028 Production & Operation Management
    No. of Download : 1464
    Get Questions
    8 MB0029 Financial Management
    No. of Download : 876
    Get Questions
    9 MB0030 Marketing Management
    No. of Download : 362
    Get Questions
    10 MB0031 Management Information System
    No. of Download : 430
    Get Questions
    11 MB0032 Operations Research
    No. of Download : 681
    Get Questions
    12 MB0033 Project Management
    No. of Download : 430
    Get Questions
    MBA Semester : 3
    13 MB0034 Research Methodology
    No. of Download : 920
    Get Questions
    14 MB0035 Legal Aspects of Business
    No. of Download : 522
    Get Questions
    MBA Semester : 4
    15 MB0036 Strategic Management & Business Policy
    No. of Download : 832
    Get Questions
    16 MB0037 International Business Management
    No. of Download : 567
    Get Questions

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    Lightbulb Re: Previous year question papers for MBA course?

    Dear friend,

    Download the attachments below.

    With best wishes
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    Re: Previous year question papers for MBA course?

    the factory, the location where all the activities take place, machinery and heavy equipments are kept is known as a)godown b)industry c)plant d)workshop

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