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    M.pharma or pharma MBA after B.pharmacy?

    I have done B.Pharma,i am now confused what course to do next?
    Should i go for MBA(pharma) or M.Pharm.
    Which one of them has more scope in india?

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    Re: M.pharma or pharma MBA after B.pharmacy?

    Well both are good options. You need to choose one based on your own hunch an inclination. See from job point of view both are good. One will give you more of a business oriented job(MBA Pharmacy) and another will give you more of a research oriented job or laboratory oriented job(M.Pharma). It is true that MBA will place in top companies with better salary than M.Pharma. But the money is not the only aspect here. If you want to join a clinic and do some work on medicines then M.Pharma will suit you more. If you want to join corporate companies which produce medicines then MBA Pharmacy is your place. In short M.Pharma is more institute oriented and will give more extended knowledge in pharmaceuticals and MBA Pharma is a business oriented stream which will give you corporate oriented jobs. Now you decide which could be your genre.

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    Re: M.pharma or pharma MBA after B.pharmacy?


    As you have done the B. Pharmacy then I will suggest you go for the M. Pharmacy. Because in the M.Pharmacy you will learn in depth study of the B.Pharmacy which you give more chance to settle in the life. Because to day's time is Master degree not the just degree.

    So, its better to go for the M.Pharmacy and after that then you can choose the MBA. Because MBA is just a managerial course which give you ideas about how to manage company and help in growth of the company. But after done the M.Pharmacy you can also can do job as a professor after completing the PHD.

    Good Luck!!

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