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    For girls is that a gud option to take port management,i mean is that safe for us girls?

    i have compleated BBM.will it be a good option for me. ?Is there any job options outside india.?what type of job will i ge if suppose i took mba in port management?for girls is that a gud option to take port management,i mean is that safe for us girls?how much will be mine starting salary if suppose i took mba in port management? Do we get direct placements after studying this course?wich one is really affective, taking mba in port management or doing port management course is better?

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    Re: For girls is that a gud option to take port management,i mean is that safe for us girls?

    hi..generally ports are city in themselves ,if you look at an port then you will easily find that there are numerous activities taking place in an port and to perform all these activities you need an huge population of work force ,if you look at an number of workforce in an port you would think that they would be equal to an population of an small town or an small city and in some cases even more than many other cities ,and to manage all these people and the number of activities trained professionals in this field are required ,
    it does not matter whether you are an girl or an boy if you are good and perform well in your academies you can easily get an good job in an port ,and also one thing that you should remember is that there wont be any risk for women in port because its an place which is always inhabited by people ,also most of the ports are always surrounded by big cities and hence you will be always in or near an city if you work in an port .
    some of the activities that you may have to manage after taking an job as an port manager are as follows :
    • managing movements of ships
    • managing movements of containers
    • managing movement of cargo
    • managing customs activities
    • managing loading and unloading of containers
    • human resource management of work force
    • labor management
    • equipment management
    In the past few years the importance of port management has increased alot special because of many factors like :
    • increase in trade activities among countries
    • increase in volume of trade
    • increase in domestic cargo transport via ships
    • increase in technology in ports making the need of professionals operating the ports
    over all the shipping and port industry has become the backbone of development of economy for the developing countries like India and hence there arises the need for trained professionals to work in this field and that's the reason why the management in port sector is an very good choice of course for doing an management course

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