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    Course duration of Hotel Management?

    How many years it take to complete the course of hotel management

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    Re: Course duration of Hotel Management?

    course duration for MBA not only for the hotel management but also for the groups such as operations,human resources,information technology,marketing,finance,sales ,retail marketing ,health marketing etc is 2 or 1 year duration based upon your interest and college that you have opted whether it is integrated or individual it depends.
    job opportunities for this are:
    • we may have job opportunities both in india or abroad
    • retail managers
    • general managers
    • catering
    • executive house keepers
    • incharger for hotel
    • food facilities
    • food operations
    • business communications
    • accounting fundamentals
    • hotel accounts
    • supervisory management
    etc are there
    hope the information helps you..............

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