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    What will be my career after completing MBA?

    i havwe mba compleated so how can future

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    Re: What will be my career after completing MBA?

    Dear Friend,

    First of all congrats for getting MBA degree.

    MBA have a lot of future than any other in short time.

    Now you can apply for financial analyst in multinational companies.
    You can even go for government sector by writing group exams.
    By completing mba you are eligible for manager post.

    Here , you dint mention your specialisation in mba.
    If it's Finance , you can go for financial analyst.
    If it's hr, then you can be hr manager.if it's marketing, then you can be able to be as marketing manager.

    Al The Best..

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    Re: What will be my career after completing MBA?


    Career is mainly based on in which stream you have completed your MBA and in which stream you have done your degree. In todays world along with the masters degree communication is also very important. Thats the first thing you are short listed on.

    if you have completed

    MBA - Finance and want to continue in the same filed you can try with any multinational, national, pvt, Gov. banking sectors.
    MBA - HR you can try in any company as HR Asst. once you get experienced you will get promoted.
    MBA - Marketing can try with any company that produces consumer goods etc that needs to be marketed.
    MBA - Retail Management can do retail business

    if you have BE+MBA; BCA+MBA etc - you have a very good opportunites in any of the multinational companies as these are very rare techie combinations.

    Wish you good luck and have a bright future.


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    Re: What will be my career after completing MBA?


    If you are planning to do MBA then do not worry about the future as if you are choosing a right college then you are already in safe hands and this can even a sign of a guaranteed bright future. There are many branches in MBA and choosing a right and appropriate branch can make it a cake walk.

    First of all go for a good b school so that you ensure that you get a placement after your graduation. one more thing is to choose a right specialization. There are many specialization and a right one can help you a lot.

    The fields which you can join after this courses are :-

    1. You can work as Business executive, Assistant manager, manager, Media planner, Financial analyst, sales manager, Administrator etc. You can work in almost any industry. A MBA from a good B school are always in a great demand.

    Hope it will help


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    Re: What will be my career after completing MBA?

    HELLO FRIEND.......

    Since you have completed your M.B.A so it is very good for you.Either you go for a job in multinational companies in higher posts or going
    for P.HD and go in research works.

    THANK YOU.....HAVE A NICE DAY.......

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