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    What will be the minimum package after MBA course from IIT?

    what will be minimum package after mba from iit?

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    Re: What will be the minimum package after MBA course from IIT?

    The Most people that read about IIM salaries, and so many of you that are quoting salaries have no idea what the whole picture. You cannot tell anyone what the AVERAGE salary from this IIM or that IIM is, because it depends on so many factors which makes different candidates incomparable. First of all, and most importantly is PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE. No fresher who just did has an undergraduate degree and then decided to do his IIM MBA is likely to get an offer of 20 lakhs, or 30 lakhs, or 1 CRORE like some IIMs advertise their offers to be. Notice how they do not mention the previous work experience of the people with such offers.
    In fact, if you have no work experience you can't possibly expect to earn anything more than 10-15 lakhs. And so many candidates earn even lesser, 6-8 lakhs, with local companies. An MBA definitely adds value, but it is all in proportion to one's previous work experience and demonstrated future potential.

    Secondly, no doubt there have been offers of 1 crore , but not only are those offers very few and far in between, they are made by international banks for a position ABROAD, in locations such as Singapore or London, AND those candidates have some prior work experience AND they are usually in the field of investment banking, which anyway is known for its extremely high salaries. No doubt you have to be very good to bag those offers, but also remember that abroad, an offer of $150-$200,000 in an investment banking role after having completed an MBA, AND having had 2-3 years of work experience is NORMAL. And that $200,000 is translated into 1 crore.

    So people should understand all this and know what normal offers are like, and WHY some offers are so high, and know that no company will just start dishing out 20 or 30 lakhs for you JUST because you have an IIM MBA.

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