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    What should i choose between MBA and MCA after doing B.Sc in IT?

    I am a BScIT Graduate i m confused whether to go for MBA or MCA?
    Please! suggest me what should be good for me?

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    Re: What should i choose between MBA and MCA after doing B.Sc in IT?

    A decision on the career should be made based on your interest, aptitude and personality. It is often difficult though, to measure each of these and often more compelling reasons to choose a specialization like 'What's hot' & 'Which areas pay the most' tend to come to the fore when making this decision.

    It is proven that the work you are most likely to enjoy and be successful in is work that best matches your abilities. Certain specialization will be a better fit for you than others, and if you work in a field that doesn't match your natural abilities, you may find your work unrewarding, unchallengeable, difficult or unpleasant.

    Now coming to your question

    MCA stands for Masters in Computer Applications while MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration.

    Both are postgraduate degree and there is always a MCA vs MBA debate.

    I will like to assure you that both the courses has immense earning potential .

    Last year the highest salary offered to a MCA graduate was approximately 70 lakhs p.a for overseas posting( Highest salary stands at 1.5 crores).

    Same is the case with MBA course . Last year highest salary to a IIM -Ahmadabad was 1.2 crores.

    So earning potential is nearly same and vastly increases with hard work and experience.

    My recommendation

    I will like to advice you to go for MCA at present because with a B.Sc IT degree there is no good scope for development in the job market. MCA course will open new and better avenues for you.

    Then after MCA go for a job. This job will help you decide whether you really require an MBA degree for your career progression.
    If then also your answer is yes for an MBA go for it.

    I suggested you to go for job after MCA as it will have dual advantage-
    > It will help you for an easier entry into good B-Schools.
    > It will help you command fatter salaries even after MBA course

    as in both the cases ,person with prior job experiences are preferred to than freshers.

    Last advice whatever course you pursue do it from best institutes.

    Good Luck

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