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    What should i choose between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    what can i do after my bca graduation. . . .i mca / mba tel me other than that. 1 year post graduation

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    Re: What should i choose between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Dear aspirant,

    This is a relative question, the answer to which depends greatly on your personal interests and skills. I believe that you'll excel the most if you do what you like. There's no point going in for something that doesn't interest you.
    > Having done BCA in graduation, you must already be familiar with all the subjects and the kind of information it revolves around. So going for MCA will basically mean mastering the same set of skills and information on the next level. So think about MCA only if you like what you've done so far in BCA.
    > As far as the 1 year post graduation goes, you can go for a one year MBA programme that is being provided by various institutes in India and abroad as well. The reason i suggest Mba is that it holds a lot of value in India. It will help create more job opportunities and will expand your scope to various corporate institutes. One institute which provides this 1-year MBA course is Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. So check it out once.


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    Re: What should i choose between MBA & MCA after BCA?


    As per my recommend you should choose MCA.
    * BCA is a line which is a IT and technical .
    * So choose MCA only it will further give you good opportunities.
    * Choosing MBA is a business line which is not related to IT.
    * You can also do MBA in IT if available.

    -- So MCA also has a better future.
    -- All software and technical lines are related to it.


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    Re: What should i choose between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Dear if you wish to complete master's degree only in one year then it is not possible because the minimum duration of master's degree is 2 years but you have one option for Executive MBA because the minimum duration of executive MBA course is 12 months and maximum limit is 30 months and executive MBA also offered for 24 months so that you can choose any one from them as you want

    I would like to advice you that you should join full time and full duration MBA course if you really wants something big in your life because if you will complete MBA through full time mode with 2 years of duration then you will get more knowledge about management and about your particular subject of MBA and because of that you will be preferred for job in every sector but if you choose Executive or Part time of distance MBA then you will not get practical knowledge more and better than a full time MBA student which will be cause of lack of knowledge that is why i am suggesting you that if you want to get more job opportunities and offers from various companies on international level then start preparing for entrance exam and get admission in full time MBA course

    In your MBA you need to be focused on practical knowledge and experimental knowledge because until you will practice, you will not be confirm and sure about anything and also about your theoretical knowledge so you should be interested in full time MBA for better future

    All the best

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    Re: What should i choose between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    I think you are confused about your career. MCA and MBA are two different field. MCA is more specialized of what you have done in your graduation. Spend some time and try to find out where you want to see yourself in coming years.

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]If you want to make your career in management, MBA is the option to acquire managerial skills. MBA offers a wide variety of [/FONT][FONT=arial, sans-serif]specialization[/FONT][FONT=arial, sans-serif] like marketing, HR, finance, productions, international business, IT, etc. If you have interest and experience in a particular field, MBA equips you will extra skills.[/FONT]
    After doing MBA, you need to practice your managerial skills and mostly you learn from experience. You should be well versed with the changing conditions and trends in your field and other related fields. At higher level, management professionals carry more responsibilities and are paid higher salaries. You should have a versatile and dynamic personality; and at the same time should have the capability to deal efficiently with different type of people and situations.

    MCA provides knowledge about computers and their applications. You can make career in IT and related areas. You need to keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies as IT world changes and updates itself very fast. If you have a strong logical and analytical mind, and passion for technology and computers; MCA could be a good choice. If you become an expert technical person, you can do well even with average inter-personal skills.

    Generally if a person do MBA from good institute, he/she earns more than the one earning after MCA. However, there are always exceptions.

    All the best

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