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    What is the scope of doing MBA after BBA?

    Am i guaranteed good future after pursuing mba after my bba?

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    Re: What is the scope of doing MBA after BBA?


    As you are a bba graduate so MBA is the best option for you. You will get a golden future ].jpg
    aftre doing mba.

    As an MBA has the following ability:


    There are several specialization available in MBA

    Hospitality management
    Health care management
    Retail management

    So after doing mba you will get the great scope for your future......


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    Re: What is the scope of doing MBA after BBA?

    BBA stands for Bachelors of Business administration and MBA stands for Masters in Business administration. These are both degrees in Management Sciences on undergraduate and Postgraduate level. BBA and MBA has a lot of scope these days. These are the most widely studied subjects in the world. The corporate world has realized that no matter how technically advanced they are, they need managers to manage the technical side of the business as well. And MBA over BBA will surely give them what they actually want...

    BBA is a popular course among students aspiring to venture into the world of management. It introduces them to the various aspects that form part of effective business management and prepares them to pick a specialised branch later on, mostly as part of the postgraduate study of MBA .... If BBA gives you the basic knowledge about all the term used in business then it is for sure that MBA gives you a way to do practically in your life...e.g to start a business and also to run it efficient and effectively....

    The MBA Program offers a lucrative career option to both experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates....
    like career in MNC's... Asst. Manager of banks... Manager in various companies... thank you,,,,

    BEST OF LUCK>>>>

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    Re: What is the scope of doing MBA after BBA?

    See guaranteed good future is something that no one can promise you. No one knows what lies in the future and that too with respect to the job market. The market scenario changes every moment. So by the time you pass out as an MBA, the scenario might be 180 degree reverse of what is happening now. But what does not change much is the effect of higher education. You always get benefited by higher education. And when the higher education is MBA then you definitely get good future after it. MBA people are wanted in the commercial sectors. But you have to give your level best to enter in the commercial industry and also to give it your best shot while you are in that industry. Initially you can join as a project trainee or management trainee or Manager or Financial consultant and lots more. Your initial salary will be around Rs.18,000 to Rs.20,000. slowly as you improve on your work or you may say that as and when you bring more and more projects to the company, you will become important to the company. When you are important to the company, the company will also take care of you. You will get conveyance, perks, raise and lots more. So you definitely can expect increase in the salary. On the other side if your performance is not suitable enough for the company and the company is gaining little from you, then you cannot expect any increase in salary, also in the worst case you can be fired too. So future after MBA is in your hands!!

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