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    What is the required percentage to join BBA in IIPM?

    now iam studiying 12th standard. my aim to be an HRM , now what is the required percentage to join BBA in IIPM. and i would like to do MBA in london and additionally i would like to do Phd in MBA in london. now what i want to do to fulfil my and my parent's dream

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    Re: What is the required percentage to join BBA in IIPM?


    You are brilliant guy. Please take my advice and don't move ahead with your aim to pursue your Human Resource Management from IIPM course. This is not very good institute which you are looking for. There are various other institutes available that you can go for to pursue your MBA course. I think it will be better if you have clear idea regarding what you want to pursue in your life. You are telling that you want to go for HRM from IIPM and you also want to go for your MBA from London and additionally , you want to go for PhD in MBA in london. Be specific towards your career then and only then you will get more satisfaction than all.


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