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    What preparations should be done to crack CAT exam?

    how i have to start my CAT preparation?how can i crack it?

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    Re: What preparations should be done to crack CAT exam?

    Well you can start preparations of CAT or Common Aptitude Test right from now. If you have prepared it well and if you can reproduce your preparation there at the examination hall correctly, then only you can crack it. Sometimes it so happens, that preparation of the candidate was well, but he could give the answers required for the respective questions properly and thus he is not able to make it. So proper preparation must be complemented with proper execution to make good marks from an examination. Now you can take up tutions for CAT in those areas where you think you are not getting a grip. Some have uneasiness in probability, some have in geometry, some have in verbal ability, etc. So you need to first practice the CAT papers and learn which ares lie difficult for you. After identifying those get some tutors to help you in those area. It will help you, if you can get yourself someone who has already cracked the CAT examination. That person will know how to approach the examination. Also you can prepare from the CAT books by Arun Sharma. These are informative books on CAT MBA. Good Luck.

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