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    What next master course i should opt after B.Com and CS?

    what next master course can i go for after complicting my b.com n cs that is goining hand on hand nw . is mba a gud option for me , please help me out in making the correct choice selection .

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    Re: What next master course i should opt after B.Com and CS?

    Definitely MBA is a good decision by you to opt after the bachelor course.MBA is a good course, The scope and opportunity of this course is good in the future.As you are telling that yo have completed the bachelor course as B,com.So you are fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria of this course.But to be completely eligible for this course you have to also score minimum 50% marks in the B,com aggregate, So that you can do the Mba course.

    !!All The Best!!

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    Re: What next master course i should opt after B.Com and CS?

    Hi dear,
    The next master degree course for you can be MBA only if you are inclined to it. If you are more inclined towards M.Com, then you can take that as an option too. Since you have done B.Com with CS, so it will be better if you go for M.Com, rather than MBA. MBA will give you more business oriented jobs, where you might have to plan the business layout of the company and you might have to handle the business projects. Whereas for M.Com genre you will not be liable for such a huge genre such as business but you will be able to deal with the commercial positions like accounting, taxation, auditing etc. Once you pass out M.Com you join the banking sector. If it is a government sector, then your job will be more safe. Give RBI(Reserve Bank of India) examinations or IBPS examinations(log onto www.ibps.in). With your qualification by then you can apply for higher managerial positions. You will have to get a good score in the entrance examination so that the bank that you are applying for will call you for the interview.
    Then you will have to put your best foot of knowledge forward to be selected from many for the job. Think about it. Good Luck.

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