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    What is the minimum package for MBA in IIM Ahmadabad?

    minimum package in iim ahmadabad for mba

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    Re: What is the minimum package for MBA in IIM Ahmadabad?

    ts a great achievement of doing MBA course from IIM (Indian Institute of Management), the top colleges for MBA course.

    You did not mention the specialization which you have gone through in your MBA course.

    The salary that you are going to receive after completion of MBA from IIM will depend upon 2 things
    -the kind of company which you are going to join (ordinary company, MNC etc.)
    -the kinf of job profile in which you are being placed (lower level, middle level, upper level)

    Generally the candidatese of IIM are being absorbed into middel level and higher level positions of various companies.

    If they got placed in top MNCs and that too with good job profile, they will be easily paid a salary ranges between 7 lakhs to 15 lakhs per anum.

    As you have completed MBA course from IIM, the minimum salary that a company has to offer for you is 7 lakhs.

    As you are a candidate from IIM, the company has its own expectations on you with regard to handling various activities of your job. You should have to meet the same and have to manage various activities of the organization in a better manner.

    Being a candidate from IIM is not enough to get high salary. You have to have strong subject knowledge of your MBA course.

    You should be able to correlate your subject knowledge of MBA course with outside market conditions.

    If you are not strong enough in communication skills and subject knowledge, obviously no place for you in various companies.

    Keep this in mind and prepare accordingly.

    Wish you all the best.

    As you are going to join in Job as a Fresher, join in the job where you can get work satisfaction and where your strengths are being fully utilized.

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    Re: What is the minimum package for MBA in IIM Ahmadabad?

    ..............................MINIMUM CTC PACKAGES !!!.................................


    One of the Best B.School in India

    recent survey's this College scored good Rating points.in all the aspects

    start with Placements , Faculty , Infrastructure , Subjects , Practical , Exposures etc...




    Minimum - 10 lakhs

    Maximum - 80 Lakhs

    Various One Dept to another Depts like

    HR to Finance

    Finance to MArketing

    Marketing to Operational


    Marketing Dept scored highest packages subsequentially Finance


    Every year the fees structrure would be raise .so

    This time 13 Lakhs !!!!!


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    Re: What is the minimum package for MBA in IIM Ahmadabad?

    Hi friend,

    Every year we hear students getting 1 crore package from IIM-A that's highest package.Minimum domestic package offered is 8,00,000.
    You can read the entire placements report at http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/iprs/gallery/PGP_Placement_%20report_11.pdf

    o to page no 7 for salary data. All figures are mentioned there.
    I hope this info. helps you.

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    Re: What is the minimum package for MBA in IIM Ahmadabad?

    [h=2]IIM Ahmadabad is one of the college which comes under top 5 colleges of Management in India.You can also guess by your self that the Package of this college will be quite high as compare to the others.Dear aspirant Minimum package is not meaningful to ask.The Information you will get only the Average Package.Every year it varies.But for this college the average package is 12+ per annum.[/h]

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