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    What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?

    I'm pursuing my ty bcom at the moment. I don't know what to do after my graduation! Is mba good? Or mcom? Or is there any other course in hr or pr? I don't know the value of mba at the moment. Really confused please help me

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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?


    MBA will surely have better value than M Com. I will broaden your knowledge.
    In MCom you will learn only commerce subjects but in MBA you will learn how to manage business as a whole.
    Also placements after MBA are better than M Com.

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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?

    firstly go with your interest,if you are interested in teaching line than you should go with M.Com,and if you are interested to do jobs in corporate sector than MBA is good option ,CA is anther good option available for you.If you wana go with MBA than prepare yourself for Entrance exams and get admission in good college.

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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?

    Hi after completing your bcom mba is a very good option as compared to mcom. in bcom you have studied about management skills.so you can make your career in management but now days there is economic slow down be carefull in choosing the college for your mba. A good mba college will lead you to a good satisfying job .for admission to top college you have to score good in exams like cat xat cmat etc work hard to achieve your goal . Regards and all the best

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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?



    You have asked in your question that which of the courses is good to pursue
    After completing B.com—either M.com or M.B.A.
    You can choose to opt any of the course as discussed above.
    You can opt for an M.B.A or an M.COM after your B.com, it completely depends on your choice
    As to which course and from which institute do you want to do your course.
    In my views , after completing your B.com you should go for the M.com degree.
    Instead of pursuing an M.B.A you can continue your M.com degree which has
    equal importance as with an M.B.A .

    M.B.A is the ‘Masters of Business Administration’ .It is managing a group of people to and the tact of taking the work from them. If you are thinking to get an admission into a M.B.A institute then there
    Is an information for you. There are many entrance tests for admission in M.B.A but the main test is the
    ‘COMMON ADMISSION TEST’ which is also said as cat .

    Some other M.B.A entrance tests are as follows:

    1) mat. 2) xat. Etc

    In the end it is your choice to get into any of the courses.

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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?

    Dear friend,

    >>>MBA Finance and M.Com are both exceptional courses.
    >>>It cannot be said which is better than the other as both the course have it own pros and cons.
    >>>It is up the each student to decide upon, which course is better according to their career goal and interest.


    M.Com or Master of Commerce will help graduates after B.Com to develop in-depth knowledge in areas like accounting, finance, computers and E-business etc.

    With a degree in M.Com with high marks, students will be able to find employment as qualified accountants.

    Some of the other sectors were M.Com students can look for jobs in areas including
    • Auditing
    • Banking and finance
    • Electronic retailing
    • Funds management
    • Management consulting
    • Stock broking

    1. will teach you about leadership skills.

    2. managerial skills

    3. personality Grooming

    4. more idea about Business

    5. open fields for specialization in -
    marketing, finance, International Business, Human Resource etc.

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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?


    Being an B.com graduate, the first choice that you can go for your M.com course ahead. This will be the most precious answer that you can take into consideration to move ahead in your future ahead in your life. Every body faces such problems when he/she goes through such an environment in his/her life. This is the most precious question that you can take to pursue ahead in your life. This is the important decision for your life that you need to take care with ease in your life. There are various specialization that you need to take care of. This is the most preferred way to move ahead with your course.

    List Of MBA Specializations:

    -Marketing Management
    -Logistics Management
    -International Business Management
    -Retail Management
    -Finance Management
    -Banking Management
    -Systems Management
    -IT Management
    -Pharmaceutical Management
    -Hospital Management
    -Textile Management
    -Petroleum Management
    -Entertainment Management,
    -Fashion Technology Management,
    -Media Management,
    -Supply chain Management etc.

    You need to prefer to go ahead with your list of specialization and move ahead accordingly based on your interest and passion to move ahead with. These are some of the most preferred specialization that you can take to move ahead with. So, It is your good decision to move ahead with your MBA course and pursue your convenient specialization for your life ahead in your career.


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    Re: What to do after B.Com M.Com or MBA?

    Hi there,
    Well you are doing B.Com currently. So I would say that MBA will be a lot secure genre for you. MBA has a lot of streams which you can choose from. You can go for MBA in Accounting or MBA in Finance or MBA in Business Management or MBA in Business Economics or just MBA in Economics or MBA in Banking or MBA in Material Management. There are other genres too but these are the genres where you will be more comfortable in, since you are already from a B.Com background. Do make sure that you choose a Common Entrance Test(CET) that you want to sit for be it, CAT/MAT/XAT/OPENMAT/GMAT/CMAT etc. While being in your 3rd and final year of graduation also you could apply for the CET. These scores mostly remain valid for 2 years, for example CAT. Even IGNOU OPENMAT is valid for 10 long years. Also sometimes after graduation is completed people do not manage to clear it in one go. But if you try for it once when you are in your final year, then even if you are not successful then also you have the idea of your own mistakes you made the first time and you can groom yourself better for the next time without a year being wasted. Also you must be a 50% or above percentage holder in your graduation to be eligible for MBA admission or even to be eligible to sit for a CET. Now if you apply in your final year too an you final marks are not up before your CET, then also at the time of MBA admission in the college you must produce the complete marksheet of your graduation with 50% or above score.
    Also you can go for CA or Chartered Accountancy course after your B.Com. This is also a very flourishing course after B.Com. This, if successfully completed will give you financial consultancy jobs, banking jobs, managerial jobs and other commerce related jobs. Sit for December Common Proficiency test and if you clear it you will eligible to do CA.Good Luck.

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