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    Value of ICWAI for MBA in Finance?

    After 12thCommerce,can ICWAI foundation course of 3 years will help or have any value, if i will do MBA in Finance?tell me in brief.

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    Re: Value of ICWAI for MBA in Finance?

    Of course it has value if you do MBA in finance then this certificate of ICWAI gives you some boost to get job. In Finance Management you will read Investment Management, Non-Bank Financial Services etc.

    You can also continue for your intermediate course when you pass the foundation course. As the post of Financial Accountant you will work about excess or restricted cash, other non-operating assets and liabilities, lack of marketability discount of shares, control premium or lack of control discount, above or below market leases, excess salaries in the case of private companies.

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    Re: Value of ICWAI for MBA in Finance?


    Dear these two are different verticals OK.

    First I suggest you to do a graduation in you choice and interested subject and try attempting ICWAI / CS or MBA (Finance) accordingly. OK

    My suggestion for you is that, first complete your degree course and try for any of these accordingly. Because for some Govt Jobs they are
    asking a three year degree course as compulsory, and the foundation courses are not considered as degree programs. So discuss the same
    in your home accordingly and proceed.

    Best of Luck..

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    Re: Value of ICWAI for MBA in Finance?

    hi,i have done MBA in finance.should i go for ICWA now?

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