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    Value of CS after MBA in Marketing?


    I have 9years of total experience in sales & mktg, i have done Bcom with computer application and then MBA in mktg (evening college), now planing for CS course, will it fecth any value? or suggest any good course for better career, now I am at 33. pls give me a good feed back, thank you.

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    Re: Value of CS after MBA in Marketing?

    Hello dear

    I think you are very much interest in doing MBA in marketing as you said that you are of 33 years it itself shows that you are experienced person in the area of CS so you must have the complete grip in the area that you have learnt i mean about the practical sessions i mean the way of working ,solving the problems if it occurred and the way of manipulating the task and making the bigger task into smaller ones and the method of holding it ,itself says that you have deeply involved with your core.So in my opinion if you take course which is regarding the CS and if you do your MBA basing upon that stream then i think definitely you will achieve success in the prescribed area

    And moreover the chances of these types of courses are increasing day by day and the salaries are also in high range for this.We get the opportunities both in india and in abroad and moreover we dont arise any circumstances that are require you to feel sad.If you really interested in doing your CS after completion of your MBA in marketing then your are welcome you can choose any type of company as a secretary as you have the knowledge about how you should deal with the problem and how to manage the task .

    For becoming the company secretary one should have the following qualities such as communication skills,managerial skills,leadership skills,team work,administrative skills,social skills etc to improve your skills at the company level to have better prospects in life.We should know the way how to handle the other persons ,how to sold the goods,how to take strict decisions at right time depending upon the situation,how to tackle the situation,putting the best efforts as you are already experienced you must know the reasons for the amount of problem ,solving a problem in a nice manner,ready to take risk and ready to solve the solution to a problem ,taking a financial decision etc are there......

    In my opinion as you have done your MBA and that too in marketing so I think it will benefit you if you join as a CS if you think that you can cope up and then if you really interested and that too you are having job experience for 9 years so i think it will be good for you if you join the course

    Best of luck............

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