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    Is there any procedure of negative marking in GMAT?

    my name is poonam vishwakarma.i am from jabalpur (m.p.)
    i want to know that,
    is there any negative marking in GMAT.

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    Re: Is there any procedure of negative marking in GMAT?


    :::::GMAT Test Structure::::::

    Dear Aspirant,

    GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test.

    GMAT is Computer Adaptive Test ::
    • It means One question displayed on the screen ,You have to answer or skip that question according to your ability.
    • You can't go back for correction or any thing.
    • Once question is answered .Score is counted automatically .
    • First I am discussing about Test Structure
    Test Structure:
    • Analytical Writing Assessment -30 Minutes
    • Integrated Reasoning-12 Questions-30 Minutes
    • Qualitative Aptitude-37 Question -75 Minutes
    • Verbal -41 Questions -75 Minutes

    Negative Marking:

    GMAT is Computer Adaptive Test.First Question Starts with moderate difficult .If you answered that question correctly,You can go for next question difficult/Harder question than previous question.

    If you answer incorrectly ,You will be get easier question than previous question

    If you answered incorrectly ,Your score is decreasing.

    If you don't know answer try to eliminate choices and guess right answer .

    So dear aspirant,Negative Answering or randomly guessing leads to lower your score .Try to eliminate choices and choose best option

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