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    Is there any other field besides HR, Finance , Marketing in which i can do MBA and which have good scope ?

    is there any other field beside hr,finance ,marketing in which i can do my mba and which have good scope ?

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    Re: Is there any other field besides HR, Finance , Marketing in which i can do MBA and which have good scope ?

    yes , there are many other specializations available in MBA than hr,finance ,marketing .

    You can choose MBA in Travel and Tourism as this specialization have lot of scope .

    Candidates can earn well and think of their growth in this industry.

    It is said that in coming future we will find 1 out every 9 candidate is employed in this field.

    But you should have some must have qualities without which to grow in the field become difficult.


    you should have interest in travelling

    you should have good communication skill

    you get along with people

    you are an out going person.

    If you have these qualities you would think of good career in the field of
    Travel and Tourism.

    Some other specializations in MBA.

    After the huge growth INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY this also become popular specialization in MBA

    4. IT


    Other specializations which are also getting geared up to are

    6. Retail
    7. Hospitality
    8. Media
    9. Aviation
    10. Rural Management
    11. Forest Management
    12. Entrepreneurship
    13. Disaster Management

    Many other specialization are also available to match any qualification which students have acquired in graduation level.

    you have not mention your qualification.

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    Re: Is there any other field besides HR, Finance , Marketing in which i can do MBA and which have good scope ?

    MBA is a vast field there are many field, Streams & courses which can you do. but first you need to decide in which field you want to go.

    First you should tell us what have you done till then.

    Check out some MBA streams and courses below:-

    1 Masters in Agriculture business (MBA Course)
    2 Masters in Aviation course (MBA Course)
    3 Masters in Banking & Accounts (MBA Course)
    4 Masters in Biotechnology (MBA Course)
    5 Masters in Brand Management (MBA Course)
    6 Masters in Business Administration (MBA Course)
    7 Masters in Business Management (MBA Course)
    8 Masters in Clinical Research (MBA Course)
    9 Masters in Construction Management (MBA Course)
    10 Masters in Economics (MBA Course)
    11 Masters in Supply Chain Management (MBA Course)
    12 Masters in Telecom Management (MBA Course)
    13 Masters in Tourism (MBA Course)
    14 Masters in International Business (MBA Course)
    15 Masters in Logistics (MBA Course)
    16 Masters in Marketing (MBA Course)

    Check more here MBA Streams & courses.

    Eligibility Require for MBA:-

    A candidate who want to do MBA he/she must have a bachelor degree with minimum 50% marks fom any recognized university or college.
    A final year student can also appear in to take MBA entrance test.

    All the Best!

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