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    Suitable field of MBA to improve executive profile? Is it possible to do MBA from Hyderabad?

    I completed my B-Tech and working as an Executive...I want to do MBA which helps me to improve my profile and acquire a good position in the corporate market... Kindly request to advice me along with the academics and fee structures...I work in Hyderabad, so is it possible to do MBA from hyderabad itself. Can talk to me on 9357588935...My mail id is srinath188@gmail.com....Will be thankful for ur advice...

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    Re: Suitable field of MBA to improve executive profile? Is it possible to do MBA from Hyderabad?

    look my friend..all 3 subjects u have choosen are best of all and all have a very gud scope..
    firstly, hotel management as u know that india is showing a great advancement dayby day and is becoming a very popular tourist spot so it has a very high scope..
    second, computers is a field which is nowadays a part of every area and field may it be the field of education or jobs..
    thirdly, business management is also good as it turns u into a high paid corporate and business oriented person..

    so my friend al have a very gud scope..i wil suggest u to go for either CS or busines managment..

    good luck..

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    Re: Suitable field of MBA to improve executive profile? Is it possible to do MBA from Hyderabad?

    Well I am not clear with your job profile ..no company selects any fresher in b.tech for executive job profiles ..after completing engineering you can work as an Executive Assistant
    You can also qualify for this position with a diploma from a secretarial school along with experience. Another option is to earn an executive assistant certificate. The executive assistant certificate program usually takes less than 12 months to complete and is offered at certain business schools and community colleges.

    A person or group of persons having administrative or supervisory authority in an organization is called an executive officer..Executive officers have either a long experience as executive assistants along with other degrees or a high level qualification along with a phenomenal experience …the 3 most important executive officer positions and the MBA degree suitable for them are :

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Many CEO’s of the leading MNC’s today are from marketing field which makes this field the favorate choice for the CEO position desiring candidates .
    MBA in marketing
    Marketing is a hard-core front-end job and is meant for leaders.MBA in Operations equips you to deal with Production Management or Shop Floor Management. You learn how to come up with and maintain process flows, develop vendor and inter-departmental relationships, do ancillary management etc. to ensure smooth and efficient business operations.

    Chief Operations Officer (COO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    MBA in operations management
    This field of MBA let you technical know-how of all the processes you are handling, and general ideal about manufacturing, sales, and distribution channels of the company you work in

    MBA in Supply Chain Management
    This field helps you in monitoring the entire process of sourcing raw materials, maintain inventory work-in-process inventory, dealing with tactical and logistical problems and ensuring the products are perfect until packaging

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    MBA in finance
    Finance is the most popular field of MBA in india … Finance Management is for people who are in love with numbers and balance sheet, have high-end analytical skills

    Of course you can pursue this degree from hyderabad ,the top colleges in hydrabad for MBA are :
    IBS, Hyderabad
    National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE)
    Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU)
    Badruka College Post Graduate Center
    Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT)
    Magnus School of Business(MSB)
    Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management

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