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    Suggestion about MBA after B.Tech.?

    myself satyndra yadav right now pursuing b-tech integrated MBA , and i want how it is beneficial for me.
    how it is hwlpful in job?
    what iz the carrier in this course
    and for further i am also interested in doing m-tech so , pls kindly give me some suggestions.
    i hope that u will understand my problmand pls give me some suggestions regarding it?

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    Re: Suggestion about MBA after B.Tech.?

    Hello dear

    I think you are in little confusion about the stream that you want to going to choose I will try to tell about the importance of both the streams first and thereafter I will tell you about which stream to choose based upon your mentality and your position in which you are there.

    master of business administration.The minimum eligibility for this is the candidate should get their graduation with a minimum of 50% and for the sc/st since they are lower category there should be 45% and for that candidates should get from the university or college of center or state should be
    re vT,etc.there is a negative mark also and the way of pattern of the exam is only depend upon the entrance test and the institutes which offer this test so be very careful in answering it.It doesnot depend upon the cfdbore subjects it only depend upon the topics such as quantitative aptitude,reasoning,verbal ability,english based comprehension etc.It was conducted nation wise test.And the institutes such as IIM can be qualified only through the CAT exam

    master of technology It is eligible only if the candidates can pursue their B.Tech in any type of stream they wish to take.it is of 2 years course and there is entrance test for this exam is NET,GATE etc.the test is based upon the both quantitative aptitude and the core but majority is subject wise questions they will ask.so we have to very thorough in answering as it contains the negative marks.

    So finally what i want to say is You have taken B.Tech in your graduation so try to improve your skills with the course that you are already in touch and gain grip in that then definitely you will have more job prospects if you are really talented and if you came a very good institution and when coming to MBA this is having more importance than in M.Tech when coming to present trend but even then it is completely entirely different aspect in which no core subject will be included so we have topics such as communication,sovial,administrative,leadership,tea m work which is entirely different from the stream that you have taken in your B.Tech so my opinion if Iam in your position is better choose M.tech rather than MBA or any other relevant course which you had taken in your B.Tech so that you can have better prospects.But even if you have taken B.Tech and if you are interested to do MBA and think that you can gain more when compare to M.Tech and if you are very much fascinated about this MBA then choose MBA only

    Best of luck..........

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