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    Subjects choice in graduation to do MBA?

    I am doing my graduation in b.com and we have a choice between economics and maths & stats and I want to MBA so which sub shld I choose so tht MBA exams will be easy

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    Re: Subjects choice in graduation to do MBA?

    Hello Respective,
    • I Must Say That Three of The Courses Are Important As All Three are Covered in The Course/Syllabus Blueprint of an MBA
    • But As Far As My Opinion Is Concerned You Should Select Economics Subjects.Because Economics is The Wide Term Which Plays Crucial Role in All The Aspects of The Business as,In Future You Would Likely To Go For MBA(i.e.Master of Business Administration)
      • Therefore You Will Going To Managing Various Economical Parameters Which Affect Our Country's Growth So,You Have To Be Well Studied Economics Theory
    • On The Other Side If We Consider Statics It Is Mathematical type of subject that means calculative so,you are able to do well in in by practicing ownself also but i is not the case with Economics
    • As Economics is Mainly About Doing Things Rationally So,Efficient Productivity can Be Get
    • Get Maximum Output By Minimum Utilization of Resources Under Certain Circumstances Like Policies,Ethics,Society Etc..

    Economics Has To Be Understood Thoroughly Then Only you are able to apply theory of Economics in Most Appropriate Way

    Although Both Subjects are Going To Come In First year MBA(1st AND 2nd Semester)
    But Economics Is Important More Than Maths.

    I hope above Information will proven to be important for you

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