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    Should i change the specialization for MBA from HR?

    I did my graduation in BBA with specialization of HR But now I like to change my specialization in MBA so please suggest me with specialization i have to choose in MBA

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    Re: Should i change the specialization for MBA from HR?

    The most famous and popular specializations of MBA.

    Marketing Specialization

    If you are creative or good with dealing with people this is the specialization for you.

    Hospitality & Tourism Specialization

    if you wish to work in the travel and tourism

    Human Resources Specialization

    if you are understanding and good with people. As in this you will learn a lot about the recruitment process .Student get to deal with people of all level of organisation.

    Entrepreneurship Specialization

    learn Business administration strategies For being successful entrepreneur .


    student choose this if they are good in mathematics.

    International Business

    focus on international business strategies

    Information Technology

    computer Networking in detail

    There are some more specializations in MBA ,you can also choose among them.

    As job opportunities multiplied demand for like specialization given below also going up

    5. Retail
    6. Hospitality
    7. Media
    8. Operation

    Other specializations which are also getting geared up to are

    9. Aviation
    10. Rural Management
    11. Forest Management
    12. Entrepreneurship
    13. Disaster Management

    You can choose any specializations in MBA.

    The most important thing while choosing specialization is that it suits candidate capabilities,skills and should be of his/her interest.

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    Re: Should i change the specialization for MBA from HR?


    You can choose any field depending upon your interest and your work ex ( In Case you have work experience)
    HR is a good field.

    Major IIMs provides
    1. Finance Management
    2. Marketing Management
    3. Operation Management
    4. IT/ ITES Management
    5. Strategy management
    6. Human Resource management

    I would provide few subjects in each field to give you a broad Idea about the field. Also it would help you choose better.

    Finance Management
    Advanced Options
    Management of Insurance Business
    Management Control Systems
    Corporate Risk Management
    Options, Futures and Other Derivatives
    Business Analysis and Valuation
    Fixed Income Markets
    Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure
    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    Project Appraisal and Finance
    Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
    Corporate Banking
    Retail Banking
    Corporate Performance Management
    Options, Futures and Other Derivatives
    Quantitative Foundations of Financial Markets
    Corporate Fraud and Governance
    Venture Capital and Private Equity
    Investment Banking
    Performance Management and Control
    Mgmt of Gen. Insurance Business (Financial Risk Modeling and Property Insurance )
    Mgmt of Gen. Insurance Business (Health ,liability and Automobile Insurance )
    Life Insurance Business
    Business Analysis and Valuation
    Behavioral Finance

    Operation Management
    Business Analytics
    financial time series analysis
    Opertaion Strategy
    Multicriteria Decision Making
    Supply Chain Management
    Stochastic Business Modeling
    Logistics Management
    Theory of Constraints
    Pricing & Revenue Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Strategy Management
    Business Models
    Building Firm Capabilities
    Strategic Safari with C K Prahlad
    Diversification Strategies
    Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring
    Green Business Management
    New Product Development
    Human Resource Management
    Learning and Innovation in Organizations
    Training and Development
    Compensation Management
    Collective Bargaining and Negotiation
    Strategic Human Resources Management
    Employee Relations Management
    Organizational Change and Development
    IT/ITES Management
    Internet based platform strategies
    Business Process Reengineering
    Business Intelligence & Data Mining
    Internet Based Platform Strategies
    Enterprise systems and IT strategy
    Marketing Management
    Advanced Marketing Research
    Qualitative Marketing Research
    Retail Management Strategy
    Rural Marketing
    B2B Marketing
    Customer Relationship Management
    Consumer Behaviour
    Pricing Strategies
    Marketing to Bottom of the Pyramid and Rural Consumers
    B2B Marketing
    Integrated Marketing Communication
    Sales and Distribution Management
    Advanced Marketing Research (with SPSS)
    Brand Management
    Consumer Behavior
    Marketing of FMCG
    Marketing of Services

    This is course structure of one of the IIM. Not all college will have all the courses. But atleast its good enough to help you choose your field in case you want to change your field from HR.

    All the best

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