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    Selected in Kerala Agriculture University for MBA in Agri Business Management, Is it a good course? Scope of MBA in Agri-Business Management?

    Hai, I am selected for the MBA in Agri-Business Management can any one tell if its a good course or not i am selected in Kerala Agriculture University . I would also like to know the scope of this MBA

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    Re: Selected in Kerala Agriculture University for MBA in Agri Business Management, Is it a good course? Scope of MBA in Agri-Business Management?

    Career in Agribusiness ManagementIndian agriculture contributes approximately 17.50 per cent of the country’s GDP.

    provides large scale employment and fulfills the food and nutritional requirements of the nation.

    It provides important raw materials for some major industries. Indian agriculture faces numerous challenges with a rapidly changing business environment, pace of technological change, globalisation, competitive environment and changing role of government.

    Today, agriculture has achieved commercial importance and has changed from subsistence farming to commercial farming, import oriented to export oriented, supply driven technology to demand driven technology etc.

    New inputs and new technologies are hitting market everyday. The market for processed and packaged food products is increasing day by day and therefore there is a vital need of trained manpower in this business.

    Only 14 per cent of total food products are being processed in India, whereas 35 per cent food is wasted during packaging and transportation. Many businesses started building up in and around agriculture.

    This resulted in growth of Agri – business. Agri – business management is becoming a popular career choice for agriculture students and there is great need to develop the professional agribusiness managers who cannot only fill the management requirements of the changing agriculture scenario but also prove to be a great support to the farmers.

    Agri – business education is a qualification that helps mould the personnel into good managers having managerial expertise.
    1. Productive resources e.g. feed, seed, fertilizers equipment, energy, machinery etc.
    2. Agricultural commodities e.g. food and fibre etc.
    3. Facilitative services e.g. credit, insurance marketing, storage, processing, transportation, packing, distribution etc...
    Agribusiness Job Opportunities :

    Almost all the institutes get good placements. Today agribusiness job opportunities are available in sectors like warehousing, retail sector, seed companies, pesticide companies, fertilizer companies, finance services, banks, insurance sector etc.

    Agri – business management has wide scope in developing the trained manpower in different areas of operation viz., management personnel to cater to cooperatives and agriculture industry, policy makers for financial sector, trained teaching staff to cater the academic field, technically sound team to serve research area etc.

    Apart from this, agriculture consultancy, journalism, agri – banking, hi – tech farming, agriculture conservation, agriculture engineering are also some potential areas for a career.

    Career prospect in agri – business are varied from Farming to Commodity Broker, Commodity Buyer, Food Broker, Supply Planner, Supplier Manager, Purchase Executive, Procurement officer, loan officer, marketing researcher / specialist, product analyst, purchase agent, statistician, and wholesaler.

    Agri – business management as a career is promising as well as challenging. Agri – business management is now becoming a popular profession.

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    Re: Selected in Kerala Agriculture University for MBA in Agri Business Management, Is it a good course? Scope of MBA in Agri-Business Management?

    what's the scope of girls in this field .A BA english student can join this course?which are the colleges for this MBA?

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