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    Scope of Travel Management course?

    i am sunny i am doing travel tourism and airport handling from ymca delhi along with bcompass from du i want to know that what can i do to make my career bright after this course i also want to know about the scope of tourism and aviation field.

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    Re: Scope of Travel Management course?

    Tourism as a Industry worldwide is very big
    It occupies 2nd or 3rd spot in world as an industry

    In India tourism is growing at a small pace.

    Since you are doing a course in Tourism and airport handling you would be able to get jobs in:
    >> Airport- Ground Duty
    >> Airport and Airline- Ticketing
    >> BPO-Travel and Tourism Process
    >> Online Travel companies like yatra.com, Make my trip.com etc

    I would suggest that apart from this course you should also learn the Travel GDS systems like Sabre, Galileo also
    This will help you in getting very good jobs in this sector
    Also your communication skills is also very important

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    Re: Scope of Travel Management course?

    Hello Sunny

    B.com from DU is a good thing to have on your resume. In developing countries, such as India itself, there is an urgent requirement of several trained manpower to meet the demands of the ever-growing industry of tourism and aviation. So a fascinating, promising, rewarding and challenging career option has emerged. The scope as well as the growth prospects are vast. So you will be open to a number of career options once you are done with your course, provided you are good at what you do. So i suggest you work hard and focus on your course right now and develop a field of interest in which you'll want to pursue a career. Aviation and tourism are vast terms. You need to narrow down your field of interest so that you can focus on that and look for a future in that particular sub-category.

    All the best!


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    Re: Scope of Travel Management course?


    you have many option are available in you

    can be approve it

    you education are better then it

    In this one firstly can apply it

    That's it


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