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    Scope of MBA Marketing?

    what is use in doing mba in marketing as well as how it have future carrear in this field

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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?


    MBA marketing is a very good field and there are lots of opportunities available in this field. You can get a job in almost every good company. A trained MBA marketing guy is always needed by the company to boost your their marketing and sales campaign. One more thing that i want to highlight is that only choose marketing if you are getting into some top college otherwise you will end up your career in sales job.

    The field where you can go are:-
    1. Automobile
    2. Industries
    3. Retailing
    4. Pharma
    5. Rural marketing
    6. Online marketing
    7. Entertainment
    8. Electronics
    9. Travel
    10. International marketing

    Hope it will help


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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?

    Dear candidate

    MBA marketing has a huge scope. Every industry need trained professional and also you can start your own business.

    You can work as a :-

    Online marketing manager,
    Travel manager,
    Rural marketing manager,
    International marketing manager,
    Operations manager,
    Marketing manager

    You can also start your own business

    You can also choose bank as your career and can go for IBPS bank exam. You can work as a specialist officer

    All the best

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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?


    These are the following Scope of MBA Marketing-------------------------

    3.Rural marketing
    6.Online marketing
    8.Operations manager.

    Hope It Helps!
    Good luck......

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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?

    Marketing is one of the key factor in any company in order to have growth. It's mainly of Four p's i.e Product, price, promotion and place. It's having a huge scope in every sector companies, so students mainly prefer marketing in Mba for getting good job opportunity.You can work at following after MBA in marketing.
    • Marketing manager.
    • Market research analyst.
    • Brand manager.
    • Public Relations.
    • Event Management.
    • Online strategies.

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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?

    Its a nice decision by you to go for the MBA course.MBA is very dynamic course.Its a very valuable degree.The scope and opportunity of the MBA degree is always good.MBA in Marketing is having a great scope.Its a field stream, Where you have to give your best.

    If you try good to achieve more then you can definitely do the best performance in Marketing field.

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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?


    There are various Scope of MBA Marketing------------------------

    1.Operations manager
    2.Online marketing manager
    3.Rural marketing manager
    4.Marketing manager
    5.Brand manager
    6.Market research analyst
    7.International marketing manager
    8.Travel manager.

    I hope this will help
    All the best

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    Re: Scope of MBA Marketing?


    There are following Scope of MBA Marketing-------------------

    1.Rural marketing
    3.Online marketing
    4.Rural marketing manager
    5.Marketing manager
    6.Travel manager
    7.International marketing manager
    9.Operations manager.

    This should help
    thank you

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