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    Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?

    I want to knw abt mba crs scops nd also knw abt de job ofrngs.
    F any cmptr crs crtfct s need fr frthr job intrvws. Whch crs s mor bttr fr de futr rfrnc..
    Pls gv me an suitbl rply fr ma rqsts as soon as u cn.

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    Re: Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?

    Hello Dear Dude ..

    Kindly follow the below Instructions

    Retail Manager

    HR manager

    International Business Manager

    Finance manager

    Marketing manager

    Commercial banking


    Investment Managing

    Airport Authority of India

    Risk and Insurance Managers

    Export Companies

    Educational Institutions ...


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    Re: Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?


    Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses------------------

    1.Financial Managers
    2.Risk and Insurance Managers
    5.Credit Managers and Specialists
    6.Treasurers and Finance Officers
    7.Accounting Managers
    8.HR Manager
    9.Marketing Manager

    Nice to help you...................

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    Re: Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?


    Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses--------------------

    1.Risk and Insurance Managers
    4.Credit Managers and Specialists
    5.Treasurers and Finance Officers
    6.Accounting Managers
    7.HR Manager
    8.Export Companies
    9.Retail Manager.

    Hope the information helps for you....................

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    Re: Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?

    MBA or Masters in Business Administration graduates get plenty of job opportunities in India. There are plenty of jobs for MBA graduates to grab in India. These jobs are not limited to one particular sector since MBA pragrams prepare students to work in the management field regardless of the company and industry.

    This is why you would see MBA graduates working in the field of Banking, Stock Broking, Medical, IT and several other industries. This pretty much answers your question that yes there are jobs in banking sector for the MBA graduates. However what kind of job you would get purely depends on the subject of your MBA course.

    You can do MBA in various branches such as:



    Operations management

    finance and many more. Your subject for the MBA course would ultimately decide in which field you will get the job.

    You can get various jobs in the fields like:


    Real Estate

    Money Management

    Commercial Banking


    Investment Banking

    Now to work in the banking sector, you need to have MBA in Finance. This degree would allow you to work not just in the banking sector in other areas as:

    Financial Managers

    Risk and Insurance Managers

    Investment Banking

    Credit Managers and Specialists

    Treasurers and Finance Officers

    Accounting Managers

    Now as far as pay is concerned it really depends of the job and company. But you can expect the starting pay of around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 which could easily go in six digit figure as you will gain experience and work hard to deliver good results for the company.

    Typically candidates who have completed MBA from IIMs get better options. However this rule does not apply on each occassion but yes several big companies and banks hire candidates from IIMs.

    To get admission in IIM you will have to appear in Common Admission Test (CAT). To appear in CAT you need at least 50 percent marks in graduation course. Students belonging to SC/ST require 45 percent marks to appear in CAT. After performing well in CAT, you can apply for various IIMs in India.

    The selection process of each IIM is different. While they all give importance to CAT score, you performance in 10th and 12th also matter these days. IIMs prefer candidates who have at least secured 70 percent to 80 percent marks in both 10th and 12th. The requirement of percentage varies from each IIM.

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    Re: Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?

    Hi ,

    There is a good scope in every perspective in every field for MBA Aspirants . Whether it be private or Public sector company , academic or any field .

    MBA Professionals can apply for a job in any vertical like ;
    • Retail.
    • Real Estate.
    • Telecommunications .
    • IT Industry.
    • PSU's .
    • Manufacturing.
    • Aviation Industry.
    • Money Management.
    • Commercial Banking.
    • Insurance.
    • Credit manager & Specialist.
    • Accounting Manager , etc ..

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    Re: Scope & job opportunities after MBA courses?


    You should following skill are in to a Marketing field...

    >>Finance manager

    >>Commercial banking

    >>Retail Manager

    >>Marketing Manager

    >>Airport Authority of India

    >>Commercial banking

    >>Investment Managing

    >>International Business Manager

    >>Insurance ]

    That's it..

    All the best

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