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    Salary packages after doing Pharma MBA?

    if i work one year as medical rep.after that if i do pharma mba .
    1.what is the future?
    2.what is the salary packages?
    3.What are the entry level jobs in pharma sector?
    4.Whether this one year medical representative.will be help full to pharma mba
    5.plzz help me....frnds

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    Re: Salary packages after doing Pharma MBA?


    Solution to all of your queries are as follows :-

    1. If you work for 1-2 years as a Medical Representative and after that you go for Pharma MBA then your Future will be good. You can directly become Area Manager after your MBA and you can directly manage a team of Medical reps. under you. If you manage to get into some A listed Business school then you can even directly become a Regional manager or also get posts higher then that. You can even get into Product development and Become Brand Manager Directly after your MBA.

    2. Salary package :- Dear, Salary depends on various factors such as :-

    A) College from which you are graduating
    B) Placement of that College
    C) Your Previous Experience
    D) Your Communication Skills
    E) Your Performance in the Interview

    Overall if you are coming from a good college then you will get 25000 as a starting salary. You can even get more then that if you perform exceptionally well in the interview as well as If you manage to get into any MNC

    3. Entry level Jobs :- Entry level Jobs are as follows :-

    1. Medical Reps in Sales
    2. Assistant Product Manager in Marketing
    3. HR trainee manager in HR

    4. I would advice you to go for 2 year experience and after that go for your MBA so that you will get most out of the option.

    Best MBA entrance exam is :-


    Hope it will help


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    Re: Salary packages after doing Pharma MBA?

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    The salary of an MBA fresher depends on the college from which you pursue your MBA Pharmacy .
    For e.g, if you complete it from IIMs or other Top colleges then it would be on an average Rs 15-17lakhs.
    Then from next level of colleges it would be like Rs 8-10 lakhs.
    Then about Rs 4.5-7 lakhs.

    So try to get into the top colleges to gain better salary.

    All the Best...!!!

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