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    Procedure to become a Business Analyst after MBA in IT & Marketing?


    I have done my mba with specialization in IT & Marketing. Currently I am working as a researc associate in a website development company & hv 1.5 yrs of experience in the same. But I would like to move to a business analyst profile . Please suggest me what steps to be taken to move to a business analyst profile .

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    Re: Procedure to become a Business Analyst after MBA in IT & Marketing?

    [h=3]Procedure to become a Business Analyst after MBA in IT & Marketing:-[/h]hello frnd
    Yes, you can absolutely become a business analyst with a combined MBA and computer science degree.
    The question would be, how are you planning to do that?
    Are you planning to start applying for business analysis jobs with an MBA and a computer applications degree and any prior work experience? In other words, will you make the assumption that you can get a job with your resume just as it is?
    Or, are you planning to take some other path and make another detour before you start applying for business analysis jobs?
    Have you taken a look at the curriculum or skills required for becoming a business analyst? Since I am not looking at your resume, I donít know if you have the required skills or not.
    So, here are some questions along those lines:
    1.) Have you worked previously as a business analyst? If so, what did you do?
    2.) Have you had any formal training in business analysis or did you learn some of that perhaps during your MBA program or computer software application degree?
    If so, what areas of business analysis did you learn?
    3.)Do you know what the required skills for business analysts and what the optional skills are? If you do, which of the required skills or optional skills do you have Ö in other words, how will you group your skills?

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