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    Possibility to do distance MBA & MCA together?

    Hi, I am B.Sc Computer Science Final year student. And I am thinking of doing MCA after my B.Sc... But I am confused in between MBA n MCA... Currently I am a Web Developer and develops mainly E-Commerce sites.. Now I wana learn to develops software/apps... But my future plan is to become an Entrepreneur.

    So it is possible to do MCA along with having distance MBA course aside. Although I am not interested in MBA degree..

    PLZ help me to solve this confusion....

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    Re: Possibility to do distance MBA & MCA together?

    Respective Candidate,

    • As Your Future plan is to become an Entrepreneur
    • So,I Would Recommend you to Go for MBA and that is full time MBA.because after doing MBA you are likely to open up your Independent Business In The field relevant to your area of interest
    • As MBA provide you lot of opportunity to develop your skill in relevance of efficient as well as productive running of business.
    • So,here you can apply your creativity and that will help you to start up your own businesses far as my point of view is concerned then MBA is suitable for you because it can also be co-related with entrepreneurship
    • If I am not wrong then I Can say that you have passion related to be an Entrepreneur
      • Therefore, you are also matches with the core benefit of an MBA to run up your own business by doing cost and benefit analysis
        • after that you are also capable to handle the risk which is core characteristic feature of an Entrepreneur

    I Hope I am Able To Convince You In Appropriate Way
    All The Best

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    Re: Possibility to do distance MBA & MCA together?

    Dear if you ask about the possibility then it is possible to complete two degrees at once through distance learning or you may complete one degree through distance and one through regular but your university should be different for each course means you can not complete both master's degree from only one university and if you try to get admission in IGNOU for MBA then nothing is better than MBA from distance learning and you would have to pay only 25000 INR for complete MBA so that you can get admission in MCA in any university through regular and full time mode and you can get admission in IGNOU through distance learning and the huge profit for you to complete your MBA from IGNOU that is - IGNOU conduct various programs on Entrepreneurship & Development and provides various certificate courses in this area so that you should go for IGNOU and learn more

    All the best

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