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    Points to be ponder while looking for a MBA institute in foreign?

    Wat r the keep points to be remembered while looking for a MBA insitute in foreign

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    Re: Points to be ponder while looking for a MBA institute in foreign?

    hi..its an very good thing that you are looking to do an master of business administration degree from the foreign countries because some of them offer best degrees in the master of business administration course ,far better than the quality of education offered by the Indian master of business administration colleges and also the salaries offered by the companies for the students doing an master of business administration course from the foreign colleges is far more than what you will get if you do an MBA course form the Indian colleges ,before choosing an college to do an master of business administration course from an foreign college the various things that you have o really ponder over are as follows :
    • FEES:The fee structure of these colleges is really high and not every one can afford to study from the foreign colleges specially an master of business administration course ,so before deciding to do an MBA degree from these colleges make sure that you are able to pay the fees of these colleges ,the fees some times is more than forty lakhs in the Indian currency for an one year course ,you can also try to get loans from the banks in the form of educational loans but before taking any loan please make sure and inquire all the details about the repayment system because the interest rates on the education loans are very high if you don't choose the best package
    • VALUE FOR MANY :If you are taking an admission in an foreign college always try to take the average salary offered in that college in consideration because you should know in how much time you could recover the huge amounts that you would be investing in doing the course and hence the preference should be given to colleges were the average salary is more
    • COURSE OFFERED :What ever be the situation but you should always try to take the admission in the colleges which offers the best education in the field in which you are interested in doing the master of business administration course , because if you do your degree from the best colleges then surely you are going to get the better jobs and better pay and also the better knowledge
    • RECOGNITION FOR DEGREE:There are many colleges which are very good but there degree is not recognized every where , you should try to avoid to take admission in such colleges because the lack of recognition of the degree may be an problem for your future growth

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    Re: Points to be ponder while looking for a MBA institute in foreign?

    Doing your management studies from a reputed institute abroad enhances your job prospects to large extent.
    The first of all points that you may need to consider before selecting a b-school abroad is financial funds….The full-time MBA in America is typically two years and costs about $80,000 (£55,000) in tuition fees. In Europe, London Business School and IESE offer a two-year program, but most are one year, and tuition fees range from as little as £5,000 to as much as £42,000. An executive MBA can cost as much as £80,000.

    Financial aid may be available. Scholarships are offered by a variety of organizations and many banks offer low-start loans. Some colleges offer special scholarships to meritorious students studying in v-schools and some are especially meant for developing countries like India ,so just look for them on their official websites !

    Next thing that you need to look for is the College Accreditation/Recognition…be sure that the college you are going to apply for is recognized by the official organization of that country ,like in our country it is AICTE and UGC ….

    Area of Specialization has to be kept in mind when searching for MBA. A university might be ranked 1 but that doesn't mean your area of specialisation is taught best there. An example would be if you opt for finance than Wharton (Univ of Pennsylvania) is the best but if you think marketing is what you love than London Business School is where you would like to go. Try to understand which university offers what course best for you.

    Some more points that can help you decide the college that’s best for you are :career placement record, return on investment, school reputation, academic staff quality, student profile, rankings, scholarships and location.

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