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    Pharma MBA or M.Pharma after B.Pharma?

    sir ,
    i m pursuing b.pharm hardly 2months are left to complete i am very much confused about my P.G should i go for m.pharm or pharma.mba pls suggest me....??

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    Re: Pharma MBA or M.Pharma after B.Pharma?

    After B.Pharmacy you have to best courses:
    1. M.Pharmacy
    2. MBA
    Between these two MBA is the best course. In MBA you can choose the following specialization.
    MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
    This course is related to your B.Pharmacy course. So go for MBA course with pharmaceutical management specialization. You have good job opportunities inprivate sector.

    After completion of your MBA course you can go for the following fields:

    1. Pharmaceutical Companies
    2. Medical Companies
    3. research Laboratories
    4. teaching Field
    5. Bio Tech Industry
    In these fields you can apply for the following positions:
    1. Drug Inspector
    2. Research officer
    3. Scientist
    4. Pharmacist at ITI Ltd
    5. Pharmacist at central Industrial Security Force
    6. Pharmacist at All India Institute of Ayurveda
    7. Durg therapist
    Like this you have good job opportunities in private sector.

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    Re: Pharma MBA or M.Pharma after B.Pharma?

    After M.Pharm :

    1)You can either go for Ph.D after which you can go for jobs in the research institutes,research companies, pharma companies and as a lecturer/professors in

    universities and colleges/with M.pharma also you can for these jobs only thing that will vary is your salary.

    2)Manufacture of drugs and cosmetics

    3)You can work as clinical programmer whose work is to coordinate and monitor the tasks in the laboratories ,managing project and protocol , helping in the

    design and development of clinical trials, protocols, analyzing and evaluating clinical data, recognizing inconsistencies and resolving problems.

    4)In quality control to develop and maintain quality standards of products

    After MBA :

    You can work in managing departments of pharmaceutical companies . MBA in pharmaceutical management is a good option if you are not interested in

    academics(like research/teaching) much.

    As a whole both are really good options provided that these courses are done from a good institution.

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