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    Which MBA and MCA books one should refer?

    which mba & mca book wii i refer?

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    Re: Which MBA and MCA books one should refer?


    To refer the books for your preparation, it depends on you which books that you like to move ahead with. Selection of books to study varies from person to person and it is your interest and passion which will decide the selection of your books. There are various books in MBA that you can select to move ahead with. There are English, mathematics etc books are there and which are written by different authors. Now, It is your duty to identify which author you would to refer for your career.

    - R.s.Agrawal for Quantitative ability
    - Arun Sharma for Quantitative ability
    - Arun Sharma for Verbal ability
    - Arun Sharma for data interpretation
    - "Word power made easy" to improve your vocabulary.


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    Re: Which MBA and MCA books one should refer?

    dear friend.
    to prepare for mca this books are really very helpful:
    1. objective mathematics- r.d.sharma.
    2. verbal reasoning- arihant publication.
    3. non-verbal reasoning- r.s.agarwal.
    4. objective english- r.s.agarwal.
    and prepare for mba follow these books:
    quantitative section:
    1. quantitative aptitude- arun sharma.
    2. quantitative aptitude- abhijeet guha.
    3. quantitative aptitude- nishit sinha.
    logical reasoning and data interpretation section;
    1. lr and di by r.s.agarwal.
    2. lr and di by nishit sinha.
    3. verbal reasoning- arihant publication.
    verbal ability and reading comprehension section:
    1. high school english grammar- wren and martin.
    2. words power made easy- norman lewis.
    3. words are important- h.c.hardwick.
    4. verbal ability- arun sharma.
    in some mba entrance exam there is one more section that is indian and global environment and for that just read daily news paper and pratiyogita darpan (monthly).
    all the best.

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    Re: Which MBA and MCA books one should refer?

    You does not mention that you required these book for MBA and MCA entrance examination
    preparation or for Your course. If you required for entrance examination preparation then you
    have to follow aptitude test and verbal books. I am mentioning some of the book below.
    So refer that books:-

    R. S. Grewal is the best book for Aptitude. apart it you should follow following book
    Made Easy aptitude Test material is also best for it and it is available everywhere.
    but if you does not get it then you can order it to Made Easy institute also. For
    English verbal you should come from G. K. publication. Book written by Arun sharma
    for Aptitude and verbal both is also one of the best book for it.

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    Re: Which MBA and MCA books one should refer?

    Hello Friend,

    The best books for MBA are:

    GRE Barron's Guide
    Data Interpretation Arun sharma
    Quantitative Aptitude Arun Sharma

    The best books for MCA are :

    Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S agarwal
    Quantitative Aptitude R.S Agarwal
    Verbal Reasoning Arihant publication

    Best wishes..

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