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    MBA or MCA after BCA?

    what to do after bca MBA OR MCA?

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    Its totally yours decision that you can only make i can only suggest you.MCA means going on the same line of computer application but MBA means going into business management line.You can do both that means you can do MCA first then you can do MBA. It would be a better option for you to choose MBA with IT while doing MBA.

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    Dear Friend,
    Undoubtedly MBA is far better than MCA why because MCA will have less opportunities when compared to MCA.

    But As you have done BCA so it is better to go Post graduation related with computers. For this some may thought MCA is the only best option for BCA candidates it is not true because there are some specialisation courses available in MBA for every field.

    For you there are some courses related to your core subject those are
    MBA- IT
    MBA- Software Management etc

    So you can opt any of the above if you like to go with core subject related, other wise you will have so many options such as Finance, HR, Marketing, Banking, Economics, Retail Management, Rural Management, Hospital Management, Health Care, Biotechnology etc.,

    All the best

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    dear friend.
    if you are quiet good in maths and in programming then only join mca, otherwise mba is good option.
    if you want to earn a little earlier then mba is better because mba is 2 year master degree course while mca is a three year master degree course.
    your job domain is very limited after the completion of mca (only in software/it field) while there a very big job domain after the mba.
    all the best.

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    MBA and MCA both are the good master degree course.The scope and opportunity of both the courses are good in their own position.The students opt any one course according to their interest.Basically going for any course is completely depends on ones personal liking as well as interest.It varies from person to person.
    But as you are telling that you have completed your bachelor course as BCA.So I think you should go for the MCA course rather then the MBA course.As you have spent your three years of bachelor course in BCA so you will feel quite at ease with MCA course if you do so.In this course you will deal in the computer and operating system in quite detail manner.So I will advice you to go for the MCA course.But the decision is depend on you.So take your decision carefully.

    !!All The Best!!

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    Its always beneficial to do masters after graduation from a recognized institute but still it becomes very difficuilt to choose between the above two fields because of the limitless opportunities in both the fields.
    When we talk about job then mba is the field with maximum job opportunities but MCA is also sufficient enough to give competition to mba in both the terms i.e knowledge and job opportunities.
    If you go for MCA then you will definitely have some advantage of your knowledge in graduation and also their are sufficient amount of job in this field but mba always has an upper hand when we talk about growth of a person in terms of money with growing experience .
    Every talented person in business field is rewarded with ransom salary and facilities.
    So it depends on your interest whether you like programming or are bored with it .
    If you have scored good marks in graduation and are good programmer then you should do MCA else you should switch to mba.
    Hope this helps .
    All the best.

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what to do after bca MBA OR MCA?

    Both Courses your eligible to apply but you have decide to choose for your knowledge. I suggest and provide the information regarding MBA and MCA are PG courses and there are certain entrance exams which you must write to join in these courses in a good colleges.

    For these courses there are certain eligibility criteria and i have described them below:

    Eligibility to Apply For MBA:

    MBA stands for Master of Business Administration and this course is a PG course and there are many ways of doing this course either as Part Time or Full Time.For joining in this course the candidate need not have a certain age limit as there is no age limit for the exam.Regarding the education qualification for the exam the candidate must have completed a 3 years duration UG course from a recognized university with at least 50% and for candidates of SC/ST it is restricted to 45%. You should crack the entrance examination like MAT / GMAT / CAT Examination with good percentage of marks .

    Apply For MCA:

    MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications and this course is also a PG course.For joining in this course the education qualification needed for the course is that the candidate must have passed a Bachelor's Degree of minimum 3 year's duration in any discipline with Mathematics at 10 + 2 level with at least 50%.
    The candidate should have passed Bachelor's Degree of minimum 3 year's duration in any discipline with Mathematics as one of the subjects with at least 50% aggregate.

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    Re: MBA or MCA after BCA?

    Hello Pal ...



    Congratulations for the Successful completion of your BCA

    As you are from the Computers Background .. you may go for the

    <<>> MBA in Information Technology

    <<>> M.C.A

    In the Current days ... there is a good demand for M.B.A ..

    So better to go for it


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