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    MBA or M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    is there any post graduation for btech students other than mtech or mba

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    Re: MBA or M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    Generally the students belonging from the engineering stream either goes for the M.tech or goes for the MBA course as there master degree course.

    MBA as well as M.tech both are the good master degree course.There is no doubt for question tagging about any course MBA or M.tech. The scope as well as the opportunity of both courses are good in their own position.The main reason to opt he master degree course like MBA or M,tech to increase the salary potential as well as the post.

    Dear aspirant going for any course or stream is depend upon ones interest as well as personal liking.And it is not same for all, but It varies from person to person.

    If you are not interested in your current stream i.e. in the technical branch, then you should not go for the M.tech course.Or, If you are interested towards the business and administration sector then you can go for the MBA course.

    So dear aspirant it is depend on you as well as on your interest.So check and evaluate your interest and liking, think before any decision then only take any decision.

    !! Good Luck !!


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    Re: MBA or M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    Dear there are so many post graduate degrees available for graduates in B.Tech Technology stream and if you have no interest in MBA or M.Tech after completing B.Tech then you can go for MCA - Master's of Computer Application or M.Sc in Computer Science or IT or any other relevant subject or choose MA in Literature and make your career in teaching stream which is possible to be good after completing PhD in any good subject as English Literature so you will be appointed right there for jobs so you have to take your own decision that what you want in your life then go to that

    MBA and M.Tech courses are the first choice of all candidates belongs to engineering and technology so you may also choose that stream and make your career well because MBA is the most demanded master's degree by various MNCs while placement and if you have MBA then your value is more than others who are MA or MCA or M.Sc holders that is why think about the importance of MBA at present and choose right stream in that and complete with good knowledge

    If you want then you can make your goal as engineering too because if your interest is in engineering then you will definitely earn more in this field and for that you need to get more knowledge about it that is possible only after completing M.Tech so this may also be very good for you

    All the best

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    Re: MBA or M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    Hello dear

    Before telling which is the best option for you in both of these I want to tell the importance of these courses and thereafter I want to tel you which will suits you.


    master of business administration.It is for 2 years course.We can get job opportunities both from india as well as from abroad.So there is a lot of scope for this .For this course we have to acquire skills such as communication, administrative,managerial, leadership,team work etc.For achieving this course we have to complete our graduation with aggregate of 50% and there is a relaxation for the sc/st it is 5% when compared to the general category candidates.Even final year candidates can also participate in this.They will take work experience also if you have any.In order to do MBA one can any types of entrance test such as CAT,MAT,XAT,SNAP,ATMA,TISS,TANCET etc after completion of graduation


    master of technology.It is also based upon the graduation completed candidates in respective score by writing entrance test such as GATE .Through this only you are eligible to get into top most institutions such as IIT's.In this core subjects topics will be there upto 85% and rest of the 15% general topics will be there in this .

    When comparing both of them MBA is having lot of scope when compared with the M.Tech.More job opportunities are there.But as you said that you have completed your B.Tech so it is better to apply for the M.Tech and go for higher studies in the respective branch that you have taken in the graduation and achieve good benefits more than choosing a career that you dont have any idea about it and struggling.But basing upon your interest if you think that you can lead even though you have no basics about management part then take MBA only and keep your best effort as both are good job Opportunities only for a person .

    best of luck.........

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    Re: MBA or M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    Hello my dear Aspirant

    My best suggestion is to first complete graduation and there by you can able to write CAT as well as GATE exams

    If you are interested to go for the technical field and it is better to take M.Tech

    With GATE score you can get in to the admission for the IIT'S and NIT''s

    There by you will get a good jobs with High packages

    Or else you have a chance to apply for the psu's with the gate score

    there are two options available if you want to take a M.Tech

    We are hear to give you the details about the different ways but the decision will completely depends upon you

    so try to make a good decision since it might be effect the your future in both positive or negative

    That is all

    Good luck

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