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    MBA or M.Sc. Biotechnology after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    i am Bsc biotech ,i have very confusing question should i complete my post graduation in Msc biotech or MBA????

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    Re: MBA or M.Sc. Biotechnology after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    Dear you have completed your bachelor's degree in Biotechnology so that this is your duty that you choose that stream which is the base for you but it's real confusion that which one should you choose - MBA in Biotechnology of M.Sc in Biotechnology so that i would like to say that if you want to make your career in Teaching and Research line then you must choose M.Sc in Biotechnology because M.Sc in Biotech has too many scopes in Research field and you may go too ahead in this line and may become a successful scientist

    But if you do not want to enter in the teaching stream and want to get the job in any good and reputed company or organization then you need to select MBA in Biotechnology because in such type of working industries, MBA candidates are always preferred and in MBA you will learn various management and administration skills of business and corporate sector which are compulsory to have before joining and company on any higher post that is why first you have to choose that in which stream you want to go then you may select the better option for your career

    All the best

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    Re: MBA or M.Sc. Biotechnology after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    i have done bsc biotech and i got admission into andhra university for Msc.Is mba or msc is better for jobs

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    Re: MBA or M.Sc. Biotechnology after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    MBA means master of business administration
    M.Sc master of science
    B.Sc bachelor of science
    According to my opinion it is better if you take M.Sc biotechnology after B.Sc biotechnology because you can have basic knowledge about that course so it is very easy for you to do higher studies and to understand the concepts in very good state and implement in better position.Biotechnology means it is all related to chemicals and research activities which is completely different from the MBA stream .so it would be better if you choose that stream .As it is different type of course is rarely available in certain colleges that course but it is also having high demand in abroad if you perform well in your field.It provide scope in pharmacy,biotech based technologies,pharmaceutical companies with aquatic,fishery,tissue culture,in RD laboratories.it provides knowledge about DNA ,technologies,proteins,laboratories,microorganisms etc.

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    Re: MBA or M.Sc. Biotechnology after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    Both the courses that you mentioned

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    M.Sc in Biotechnology

    are good courses. You can gain knowledge from both the courses.

    But the course which you have to join will have to be decided by you only.

    you only your interest. You know where you are strong.

    It is not me.

    So, if you want to go to Science field, then join M.Sc in Biotechnology

    otherwise join MBA course.

    All the best.

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