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    MBA jobs in HR field?

    sir i want details of vacancy for mba hr

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    Re: MBA jobs in HR field?

    The chief HR officer is the highest ranking HR executive in most companies and typically reports directly to the chief executive officer. In companies HR position is in two categories generalist and specialist.

    Generalists support employees directly with their questions, grievances, and projects. The responsibilities of human resources generalists is based on the employer's needs. Specialists, conversely, work in a specific HR function. In practice, HR is responsible for employee experience.

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    Re: MBA jobs in HR field?


    The Top 10 Highest Paying HR Jobs

    A human resources MBA can be the ticket to a lucrative career, especially if you choose your job and industry carefully. Even for the same position, annual average pay can vary by $25,000 or more, depending on company or organization and location.
    [Browse our list of Human Resources MBA and MSHR Programs.]
    Choose one of these ten highest-paying human resources jobs to ensure a fulfilling career with good compensation. (Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Salary.com)
    #10 – Employment, Recruitment, and Placement Manager

    Median annual salary: $56,110
    Employment, recruitment and placement managers oversee how and when a company hires employees. They direct their team on where to find talent, how to screen candidates and how to decide which candidates to pursue. Employment, recruitment, and placement managers must have good discernment skills and an eye for recognizing high-quality potential employees. thiring managers in different departments within the company. Most employment, recruitment and placement managers work under an HR manager or a director of human resources.
    #9 – International Human Resources Associate

    Average annual salary: $62,400
    An international human resources associate plays a generalist role within a company’s human resources department, but with global responsibility. Such an associate may post jobs for staff, assist in recruiting efforts by screening candidates, review benefits and compensation packages and engage in other standard human resources activities. The difference between a human resources associate based at company headquarters and one who is international is that the latter must have a solid grasp of employment markets around the world—the cultural aspects, benefits and compensation, and how to best go about screening candidates. This is why they are paid more than national human resources associates. It also helps to be multilingual and live or have lived in the countries the associate is focusing on.
    #8 – Executive Recruiter

    Average annual salary: $78,785
    Executive recruiters, sometimes called headhunters, look for individuals to fill senior executive job positions, generally at corporations or nonprofits. Executive recruiters need to know their industries well enough to be able to convince prospects, who are often employed at other companies, to come work for a competitor or a different corporation. Executive recruiters interview candidates for skill and cultural fit, presenting the perfect candidates to the corporation seeking to employ them. The executive search industry can be incredibly profitable for those who are successful at finding candidates to fill positions. They are often paid on retainer, paid in full when the candidate is presented to the company or paid a portion, up to percent, of a hired candidate’s first-year compensation.
    #7 – Labor Relations Specialist

    Median annual salary: $83,298
    Labor relations specialists are the bridge between the corporations where they work and the labor unions that company employees participate in. Labor relations specialists must be experts in local, state and federal labor issues, so that they can devise contracts that adhere to the laws and politics of labor. A labor relations specialist also is a representative for the company in any legal action and sometimes public relations. The labor relations specialist must always keep a close eye on regulations, ensuring that his or her business is compliant at all times. Negotiating skills, the ability to read, write and interpret legal documents, and good communication abilities are a must.
    #6 – Human Resources Consultant

    Average annual salary: $87,000
    Human resources consultants help corporate managers devise policies, employment structures, benefit issues, performance incentives, and anything else that corporations need help with. The consultant, usually a contractor, will come in as an independent expert who provides much-needed insight into a company’s human resources problems. An HR consultant analyzes a company’s human resources situation—its labor- and employee relations, the success of its employment system, how well benefits are panning out, and more—and recommends productive changes to that system. Oftentimes, HR consultants come from a background of in-house human resources work and have accumulated years of experience in their profession. Human resources consultants should be competent across the board of human resources skills.
    #5 – Training and Development Manager

    Median annual salary: $87,700
    Training and development managers are in charge of all facets of employees’ training, education within the corporation, and career development. They organize orientation sessions for new employees.

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    Re: MBA jobs in HR field?

    Dear sir ,

    There are lots of jobs opportunity available in Government sector and Private sector after MBA in HR,

    List company offering jobs for MBA in HR field ............









    L & T infotech

    IBM india

    Mahindra Satyam

    Oracle India

    Infosays technologies ltd.

    Larson and Turbo Infotech

    I-flex solution

    Patni Computers


    Zenith Computers Ltd



    Vodafone etc

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    Re: MBA jobs in HR field?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    sir i want details of vacancy for mba hr

    MBA HR

    There are very less hr jobs are available in market !!!!

    Nowadays no recuriters are hiring the hr candidates very few peoples company has been recurited so far













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    Re: MBA jobs in HR field?

    MBA jobs in HR field

    Hi friends

    Career in MBA HR Many jobs in

    HRManager is typically responsible for recruiting the employees of an organisation .Employer and employee’s welfare and development. Policy development wrt compensation, fringe benefits. Organising training and welfare programmes. Performance management reviews and appraisals are conducted by an HR manager. The organisation development and communication of the organisation with the employee are also handled by the HR team as per instructions from the HR manager.

    The main task of HR/ Human resource managers is the efficient use and development of available skills and talent of the employees within the organization. Thus they are highly required in public as well as private sector organizations. Human Resource managers can seek employment in public and private sector industries, banking and financial institutions, corporate houses and multinational companies. Personnel manager also can aspire to be employed in services sector particularly IT companies who are dealing with huge number of employees now days. Big firms have their permanent personnel manager. But small companies hire services of Human Resources consultants.

    MBA Jobs in HR field many jobs in India private and government sector.









    any etc. sectors in HR Jobs.

    Best of luck

    Thank you

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