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    MBA in International Business or MBA in Hotel Management to do a job in abroad?

    About Me:

    I have done my graduation in BCCA (B.com with computer application), My current age is 21 and from the last few years i have been helping my Dad in his catering( food service in weddings) business. I don't cook in the kitchen but i love to manage the party like looking over the arrangement managing the waiters the food service etc. which i am doing since few years. Currently i am employed in an IT industry(as i can't sit at home) as an SEO analyst working 9 hours a day with a very less pay.

    Query: My dream is to work abroad in a responsible position, What should i select 3 years degree in Hotel Management or MBA (International business). Which one can give me a job abroad in countries like UK, US, Canada, Dubai etc.

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    Re: MBA in International Business or MBA in Hotel Management to do a job in abroad?

    friend if you have a thirst for going abroad and get settled with a good job, then for sure you need to choose MBA in international business rather than hotel management.
    But one thing, you can also earn huge pay with hotel management from premium institutes in the country itself.
    so, it is now your turn to decide what to choose?

    But remember one thing, both the courses to be done from premium institutes to earn huge pay and for getting settled in abroad countries.

    all the very best!!!

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    Re: MBA in International Business or MBA in Hotel Management to do a job in abroad?


    To do a Job in Foreign its better you choose Hotel Management instead of MBA in International business. MBA in International business do have good scope but the curriculum of the course is more towards how to export and import and in that case you have more future here in India as compare to the other countries as we have many opportunities in the field of Export because our Export is still not at par with what other foreign countries are at but it is gonna increase for sure and hence its better you go for International business if you want to make a career here otherwise give it a skip.

    Why hotel Management :-

    1. Our Hotel industry is still in Growing phase and hence we are lacking behind in terms of jobs where as foreign hotel industries are a BIG market so you have more Opportunities there.

    2. You can get job easily in Hotels as they are always in a search of a good candidate

    3. Till today also hotel industry pays a lot more amount as compare to what others companies are paying

    4. When ever you come to India again then the gained Experience will be a gold Mine for you.

    Hope that will help you


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