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    MBA in India or in Abroad after B.Tech. having bad command on English?

    I am doing B.E (mech) in pune . I am planing to do MBA from foren contries .
    My dad has an mech related bussines .its quit good . But I think I can Chang it to excellent ! My dad works in old mentality only ! I surely can make changes and make it batter in dads bussines . Wich is of around 10cr/anum . For eg still he dous not use net banking in his abet work of compney I want to Chang it to new technology . I too have good experience of this fild I often go ther and do work ! My B.E gets complets at 25 of my age !
    And after that I should do MBA hear or in foren contries or go directly after my BE and do work at home ? I don't have that much good English can by going to foren contry help me ?

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    Re: MBA in India or in Abroad after B.Tech. having bad command on English?

    Dear - Really your English Language is very weak because we may see that and if you do not have good command over english language then your time would be waste that if you go to foreign countries for MBA because without have good command over english, you can not proceed in other countries so that you should leave this thinking here and think about to complete your M.Tech in our great India because there are also so many very good institutes in India which provides M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and you can easily complete your M.Tech here without completing your english but dear you should not afraid of english language because if you are going to change the business of your father and wants to turn it into new technology then first of all you should turn yourself into new education and engineering world because if a engineering student do not have enough proficiency in english language then he/she is not able to manage any business or work anywhere else so that you should try to make english as your strength because without this you can not invest in the world and you can not control your business also.

    All the best

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