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    MBA in HR or MBA in Hospitality after B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel administration?

    what should i do between mba in hospitality and mba in human resource for best job oppertunity after passing bsc hospitality and hotel administration from ihm bhubanashare

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    Re: MBA in HR or MBA in Hospitality after B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel administration?

    When you have completed your bachelor's degree as B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Management then you must choose MBA in Hotel Management with Hospitality because this will be your relevant stream course in which you are already enough proficient and if you will complete MBA in the same subject then you will not get the degree of MBA but you will get full knowledge and complete expertise in this subject which is mostly demanded by various sectors that is why you must go for this course

    If you are thinking to join MBA in Human Resource then it is also a better stream for you because this is the subject which is found in every single company and in both private and government sector because this is the major part of management in the company that is why you may also go for MBA in HR but only if you are much interested in completing this course otherwise you should not join this course because of the suggestion of any one from your friend and only go for MBA in Hotel Management and i am sure that if you will complete MBA in Hotel Management + Hospitality then you will see a lot of opportunities in your career which will be more than enough for you

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