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    M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    Is M.tech beneficial or MBA for a B.Tech students?

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    After completing the Graduation in Technology – B.Tech, the common question on the lips of most of the students is - whether to do M.Tech or MBA. What really depends is, in which field one wants to go and where one wants to see his/her career. If you want to grow with the technical knowledge, you should go for Masters Degree in Technology or M.Tech and if you want to see yourself in the management side, then you should opt MBA- Masters of Business administration. Some of the graduate students after their B-tech plan to go for the jobs and some wants to continue with their education where they need to decide MBA or M-Tech. And answer of this question, whether to go for M.Tech or MBA is really depends on few factors

    What institute they are pursuing and from where they want to go for their M.Tech or Higher Education.
    What exactly they feel and know about the Job prospects after their Masters in Business Administration.
    What are your future plans and what you want to become or do in long term?
    How and where your selected education would help you to achieve your pre-defined targets.
    These are really some factors on what you should start thinking from your final year of graduation – B.Tech. And after deciding on this you should be confident of your decision and the future for what you are opting the respective course. What really helps you work hard for the same and you will surely grow happy with that. If one is more interested in engineering side and want to work with the same trade line he is working from last 4 year and want to make his career with engineering projects in the same trade, then without any confusion or question he/she should go for M.Tech or Masters of Technology in the respective field which will really help one to get better designation/post or rank in the same industry in which he/she devoted his 6 or 7 years and he will be the Master of his/her work. If or else one is more interested in working in the management aspect or has his or her interest to manage some of the companies rather than doing the engineering projects, than the student should go for the MBA degree which helps the students and get them enable them to work at the management front where they can manage the resources and projects for the benefits of their business.

    So the next thing is how you can get admission in M-Tech or MBA, For M-Tech you need to clear the GATE exam and to get admission in MBA is only through cracking the CAT.Where approximately more than 400,000 students who take these respective exams – CAT or GATE according to their interest, and only the top 1 or 2 % students are able to clear the cutoff in all sections and are selected to take part in next level of Group discussions at each IIMs and IIT’s.. And after that the number of students who passed in GD is led to the interview And from these only about 1000-2000 students are selected to the IIMs and the same number for IIT which are top most colleges available in India. And Bachers from IIT and Masters from IIM is a dream for every student who want to come in this line.

    What the truth we feel about these both Masters Degree – Master in Technical Education and Masters in Business Administration is, If you want to earn money and want to live fast – you should opt Masters in Business Administration and if you want to earn respect and live peacefully you should go for M.Tech or Masters in Technical Education.

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    Hi.it desens upon your interest.if you have good understanding of your core engineering topics then my suggestion is that you should in for mtech .for this you have score good in have exam for admission to mtech programmes of iits and nits.otherwise if you have interest in business and want get skills of entrepreneurship then you should go for mba from a reputed colleges like iims iits fms etc.for admission to it you should score good in exam of cat xat cmat etc.regards all the best

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    M tech or MBA both are good courses and both have good scopes. and after both you will get good job.

    in both which one is better the decision is yours. i will tell you about the both then you will be able to decide which one is better after the B tech course.

    MBA- master in business administration
    it is a management course and it is a master degree. it is 2 years course. it has good scopes after MBA you can apply for the job in many companies related to your stream which you have done in MBA.
    there are so many companies in India where you will get good job and good salary package.
    in starting you will get less salary package. after MBA you will get maximum 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per month.
    but in starting you will get 7,000 to 8,000 rupees per month. with your work experience your salary will also increase.

    now come to the M tech course.
    M tech is a technical course. it is a master degree and most of the B tech students prefer the M tech course. it is related to the technical field as the B tech.
    M tech is also 2 years course. and after that you can apply for the job in many companies related to your field.
    and after M tech you can also apply for the job in technical colleges and universities also and there you will get good salary package.
    and you will get more salary as compare to the after MBA.
    and i think in both MBA or M tech, M tech is better then MBA course for the B tech student.

    for the M tech you have to give the GATE exam. after getting good marks in entrance for the M tech you will get admission in good college and it is best for you.

    and if you want to do MBA then there are also many entrance exams for the MBA some are given below:

    you can apply for the entrance exam for the MBA if you want to get admission in good and reputed management college.
    and here i am giving you the syllabus for the MBA entrance which will help you for the preparation.

    General knowledge
    reasoning ability
    management and marketing knowledge
    General English

    so if you want to do MBA then you have to prepare for the MBA entrance.
    and the syllabus for the GATE exam is the entire syllabus which you have read in 11th, 12th and in B tech.

    so i think after B tech you should do M tech instead of MBA. and there is also another reason that i prefer the M tech course.
    the reason is that now a days most of the students prefer the management course for their future but in coming days there will be very tough competition for the job because there will be lots of supply against the demand for the management students.

    so i think it is better to do M tech. it has good scopes and after that you will get good job in many companies and you will also get good salary package and you will also get more then salary as after the MBA.

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?



    As per your question you have asked about which course will be good to pursue after completing the B.TECH degree---M.B.A or M.TECH.

    So, it completely depends on your choice that which course do you want to pursue.

    If you want to do an M.B.A or M.TECH. you can definitely do.

    I suggest you to go for M.TECH. after your B.TECH degree.

    Regarding your M.B.A degree you can also do it.

    thank you .

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    dear friend M.Tech is related to you field so M.tech is more beneficial for you after b.tech rather than MBA.one more thing After b.tech so many students are want to go for MBA now a days so competition is going to be very tough in future in MBA after B.tech.

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    if you are interested in technical studies then M.tech is best option,if you are interested in management related studies then MBA is the best option.now you have to decide your interest.if you are interest then you have to qualify GATE.

    GATE notification--> notification will be released in the month of September.you have to fill online application form before last date as given in notification.Then you have to send hard copy of filled application form with DD for fee of application form.

    GATE Exam-exam is conducted in the month of February if you choose off line mode.online exam is conducted in the last week of January.

    GATE result--> result will be declared in the month of march.

    after result declaration you have to apply at various IITs and IISc for admission in M.tech.following iits are providing admission on the basis of admission-

    IIT Bombay

    IIT Delhi

    IIT Madras.

    IIT Kharagpur

    IIT Guawahati

    IIT Roorkee

    ISM Dhanbad


    All the new IITs are also providing admission in various courses in M.tech

    All the NITs are organizing the centralized counselling for admission in M.tech in all the NITs.almost all the nits are providing admission through counselling.In 2012 MNIT jaipur is organizing institute for counselling.

    following institute are also accepting GATE score -

    All the central govt universities.
    Delhi university
    Anna university
    Jadavpur university
    Cochin university
    RTU Kota.

    Jobs after M.tech -most of the jobs are in research and development industries like-

    L & T
    Mahindra and mahindra

    you can start teaching as your career in various govt institutions.

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    Well M.Tech is not quite beneficial these days. A lot of people are going for M.Tech, especially in the computer science genre. Rather than doing M.Tech, MBA will be far more applicable from job point of view in your case. Already your technical aspects are quite developed. Now your business skills will be sharpened through MBA.
    I just want to mention one thing over here, which is, if you opt for M.Tech VLSI or Electronics, then you can do great job over there. A lot of scope is there and you can delve into new arena of education and jobs over there. If you are not wanting to do this stream, then your potential choice is MBA. For you good choices of MBA will be MBA in Engineering, MBA in Network Security and Telecom Management, MBA in Operations, MBA in Material Management, MBA in HR. You just have to secure 50% or more in your graduation aggregate.
    After that you sit for CAT or MAT or GMAT or GPAT or OPENMAT or any other CET that is applicable for the institute you are going to join and then you have to clear it for the admission procedure. This course will be around 2-3 years depending on regular or distance course that you join. At the end of this course you will have a valuable MBA degree.

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    M.tech and Mba are completely two different aspects to select from..It depends what u are interested in..
    1.M.tech:: after doing M.tech you have following options to select as your carrier
    a)College Lecturer
    b)Research and analysis area
    2.MBA:: you will join as a vital person for industry.It will add up to your income a lot.It has a handsome earning with handsome earnings..You will be selected in accordance to your area of specialisation in MBA...

    wish u good luck

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    Hello friend,
    Both MBA and M.Tech are the best option but the mode of settlement will be differ for each,
    If you take M.Tech you will get more chances in teaching profession, So M.Tech will be best for those who are looking settlement in teaching profession. If you take MBA then you will get jobs related to core subject as well as Management and administration departments of the firms or Industries. So obviously there will be more chances of opportunities with MBA.
    So for me it is better to take MBA than M.tech, All the best

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?


    _) If you Wish To Proceed Your Profile With Teaching Then Go with M.Tech (_

    _) If Not Then MBA is the Gateway For All UG Graduates To Enter Management Level in Top MNC's (_

    _) B.Tech is Technology Course & Take you To Developing Site in IT Sectors (_

    _)If You Do MBA Then It will Make You To Get Placed In Management Level Such as HR, Marketing & Finance etc (_

    _) Compare To M.Tech MBA will Fetch You Stress Less Job Designation (_

    _)(_ Thanks _)(_

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    An M.Tech degree involves a continuation of your engineering degree with a specialization required in a particular stream. For example, if you are a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science discipline and during your 4 years, you really liked a particular field or a subject say Artificial Intelligence, you can continue your interest in this field by pursuing an M.Tech in it from a college of your choice which provides the particular course.

    However if you found your graduation subjects not really of your liking and you didn't like studying any of them by interest then you should opt for an MBA. An MBA will be a complete change of what you have been doing the past 4 years as an engineer. It involves business administration and has specializations in fields like HR, Finance, IT, Marketing etc.

    The main entrance exam for an MBA degree is CAT whereas as for an M.Tech it is GATE. The difficulty level for both the exams that you have to appear in(GATE or CAT) is very different. For GATE, the paper is purely technical and has a high difficulty level. For the CAT, there are different sections such as Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning.

    The cost of an MBA from the top colleges in India is more as compared to the pursuing an M.Tech degree from IIT but the salary offered for either of the courses is comparable if you join an organization after your M.Tech. The added advantage of an M.Tech is that you can later pursue an MBA if you want and also government jobs give M.Tech candidates a lot of preference.

    List of the top B-schools in India is given below:

    1. IIMs (All of them)
    2. Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University
    3. Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
    4. XLRI Jamshedpur
    5. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
    6. S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
    7. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
    8. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
    9. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
    10. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

    The top institutes for M.Tech are -

    IIT (All)
    NIT (All)
    BITS Pilani
    IIIT Hyderabad
    BIT Mesra
    Anna University
    Delhi College of Engineering

    All the best!!

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    Re: M.Tech or MBA for B.Tech student?

    If you are getting campus placement in any MNC which you think is a good company to start with then you can do that job and with that you can persue MBA as well, otherwise you should prepare for MBA entrance so that better work will come in your way.

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