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    Last year sample papers of CAT for MBA?

    I am in need cat exams question papers with solution

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    Re: Last year sample papers of CAT for MBA?

    you can get the previous year papers of the CAT exam from the attachments below.

    you can even buy any of the following books to get solved previous year papers and sample papers of the CAT exam.

    Analytical & Logical Reasoning For CAT by- B.S Sijwali

    Verbal Ability Guide For CAT And Other MBA Entrance Exams-by Disha Experts

    Mastering CAT Common Admission Test (M.B.A. Entrance Exam) by-R P Datason, B L Sadana, S L Gulati

    Quantitative Aptitude for CAT & other Entrance Exams by-Avinash Agarwal, Shipra Agarwal

    good luck
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    Re: Last year sample papers of CAT for MBA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am in need cat exams question papers with solution

    Hello friend,

    CAT- Common Entrance Test

    Here I have attached some previous year CAT question papers. Please have a look.

    Friend, though you can prepare well with solving maximum question papers for CAT you need to have some extra study management for it.

    To help you more in detail manner giving some guidelines those will definitely help you to succed in the examination.

    Here I am giving some guidelines for CAT Preparation :

    1. Know the Examination Pattern :

    Friend to score well in CAT you need to know about the exam pattern first.

    CAT has four sections :

    1. Quantitative Aptitude (Maths)
    2. Logical reasoning
    3. Verbal ability (Your English language skills)
    4. Data Interpretation

    The Quantitative Ability section consists of the topics of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration and all those topics which you have studied till class X.

    The topics covered in Verbal Ability are reading, grammar, comprehension and vocabulary.

    The questions on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning are on Graphs, Charts etc.

    It is very important to know the content of the test, to ace it.

    2. Find and Know your Strengths and work on the weaknesses :

    Friend, you should find your strengths and weaknesses for which you need to solve a practice question paper to know where you stand.

    You should identify your strengths and weakness and work out a strategy based on your strengths.

    Cracking CAT is all about time management.

    You don't need to answer all the questions, but have to ensure that you crack the maximum questions in what your are confident about and ensure that you crack the minimum required in your weak sections to clear cutoffs and thus division of time so as to get the maximum out of the paper is very important.

    the first step is to start with class X level CBSE/ICSE books on Math and English grammar.

    You should also read newspapers, business dailies and magazines as this exercise will help you to understand different topics and increase your hold over English, general knowledge and various other topics.

    3. Make your Study Timetable :

    You should make a time table and follow it.

    Allocate 45 days to get all fundamentals of Quantitative, Verbal and DI/Logic in place.

    Slot one hour per area, i.e., three hours of study every day.

    4. " Practice makes man Perfect " :

    Practice maximum questions from various books like

    1. Arun Sharma - Quantitative Aptitude
    2. Arun Sharma - Verbal ability
    3. R.S Aggarwal - Verbal and nonverbal reasoning, Etc

    Also solve maximum previous year question papers,Online mocktests etc to know your preparation status.

    5. Plan the answering Strategy :

    Friend you need to decide which section to solve 1st and which to solve last on the basis of which section your are good at and how much time you require for the section.

    If there are 2 mark and 1 mark questions then you will have to decide which question will you attempt 1st.

    You need to plan your time according to how much time you will need to solve the questions and how much time you will give to cross-ckeck and verify some answers.

    If you really follow these 5 Guidelines I am sure you will definitely score well in CAT.

    All the best!!

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