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    Job opportunities after MBA in HR?

    job opportunitues after mba in hr

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?

    Hello Friend,

    Basically MBA stands for Master in Business administration. It is an Post Graduation course. This course mainly deals with Management and Business Administration.

    By Preferring this course one becomes an Business Expert.

    As you wants to know about the scope of MBA in HR field.
    Basically HR stands for Human Resources means a field of Management which generally deals with Human Resource Management in a company.

    An HR Manager has to Handle all aspects pertaining to Human Resource in a company. These includes Recruiting, Training, Team Building, Performance Update, Employ Policy, salary and increments, employ health and safety etc.

    Skills Needed by an HR manager :-----------------------

    1. Ability to understand Relations.

    2. Leadership skills

    3. Negotiation skills

    4. strategic planing

    5. Excellent Communication Skill

    6. Safety and Management of Team

    Rather then an HR Manager there are lots of field available in HR field, some are:---------------

    1. Bank Manager

    2. Chief Executive

    3. Head Consultant

    4. HR Consultant

    5. Private Company Manager or Management Head

    6. Chief Organizer

    7. Human Resource Management Team Consultant



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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?


    There are a lot of varied opportunities once you complete your degree . A MBA degree will make you attractive to a range of employers, especially in jobs

    and industries where an MBA is required.

    According to my knowledge you will be getting jobs in HR like :

    > > Training,

    > > Organizational Development,

    > > Generalist,

    > > Learning and Development

    > > Recruitment,

    > > counselor

    > > Management



    *** SUDHA ***

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?

    Hi friend,

    As HR department is present in almost all companies there are lots of job opportunities available. You can work in core HR functions like recruitment, training, HR planning, performance appraisals, compensation management etc. You can work in HR department of companies in any sector and of any size.

    HR students are also getting job opportunities as consultants or analysts for ERP packages like SAP, Oracle. So if you like technology you can try this option as well.

    Also there are companies which specifically work for executive search, talent acquisition etc. HR students are in demand in such companies. Some of the examples are:
    1. Catenon
    2. Accord
    3. Ray & Berndtson
    4. CTPartners
    5. DHR international

    All the best....

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?

    Hello Candidate,

    If You Have Completed MBA in HR then I Advice You To Go For Management Subject IN Your UGC-NET(University Grant Commission-National Eligibility test)The Subject For This Is 17 and You Can Use Your All Knowledge For Getting Qualifying/Crack It.

    You Can Also Expect Good Career After Being Lecturer After qualifying in management sub.of NET

    If You Are Good HR then you can select subject in accordance with your proficiency.you can select any of the subject on the basis of your passion and interest.


    Eligibility For UGC-NET
    -There Should Be Possession Of At-least 55% of aggregate In Your Master Degree

    UGC-NET Exam held on June & December Every Year
    Download Syllabus From Website www.ugcnetonline.in

    I Hope Above Information Will Help You

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?


    Frankly speaking the job market in HR is decreasing day by day and there is a huge scarcity of job as the rule of demand and supply is failing totally. We have many industry that requires HR managers but we have even more college which are producing HR manager like anything without even thinking at the placement of the candidate and hence the situation is getting worse day by day

    One more thing that i want to add here is that now a days companies are recruiting people from outside consultancies and that is why the job role of HR is shrinking day by day and hence their job responsibility is now limited up to make leave policy as well as stress releasing policy. Anyways there are still may companies who have their own HR team and i wish you manage to get into one of this organizations.

    After HR you can get into any big firm but remember they usually recruit when you have suitable amount of experience so if you are getting any opportunity then grab it and start working as it will help you in getting a good amount of experience which is necessary for a long term career.

    Other option and then best one is to open a job consultancy as after MBA you are eligible to do so and if you work seriously then you can earn what HR head of most of the companies are not earning so think about it and all you have to do is to make contacts and work according to that. You can even work from your home also.

    Hope it will help


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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?

    generally the future of individual depends upon the institute in which he joined and the talent on a particular course.so there are many job opportunities for the candidate who want o their profession in mba through hr.they can join in l&t which offers a bright future of the candidate and also provide part time job and make him study for the higher studies in many fields like,hr,management,businness,finanace,accounting.t hey are also many jobs in private and public .generally the job rates varies from a 20000 to 30000 for a senior or higher candidate it varies from 50000 to 60000.seven indian institutes of management give higher preference o the job opportunities they are(Ahmadabad,Lucknow,Bangalore,Calcutta,Indore,ko zhikode,shillong|),symbiosis institute iof management,xavier insitute of management,delhi university,jamnalla institute of management,s.p jain institute of management studies,etc

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?

    Dear Aspirant ,


    Human Resource Management basically means the management of an Organization it is one of the most important function of any Organization .

    MBA in HR is a very god professional post Graduate degree with higher demand in the industry . MBA in HR teaches a person how to build a foundation of a people

    in an organization by keeping them in harmony , properly managing them & by delegating their Appropriate duties.

    HR Professionals have to deal with a wide range of responsibilities that includes Hiring , dealing with Labour disputes , pay roll management , union & labour relations , development of the employees .

    Hence it concludes that HR PROFESSIONALS & MANAGERS are in great demand and highly required in Public as well as private sector Organizations.

    Generally at present market condition the job opportunities of MBA in HR are in the fields of ;

    ** To Act as a welfare officer / personnel manager with Govt. companies / Govt. Department and also in private sectors.

    ** To Act as an Administrators with any public financial Institution / Educational Institute / Hospital and other private sectors.

    BEST REGARDS ...!!

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in HR?


    Job opportunities after MBA in HR---------------

    1.HR Consultant
    2.Bank Manager
    3.Chief Organizer
    4.Head Consultant
    5.Chief Executive
    6.HR Team Consultant
    7.Company Manager
    9.Organizational Development.

    Hope the information helps for you..................

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