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    Job opportunities after MBA in Hospital Management?

    hello, i m bhms 4yr student [bhopal], i want to know more feilds after bhms where i cn make my carrier, i want to knw job opportunities in this field. what will be my carrier in hospital management?? plz guide me i want to make my future bright.

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in Hospital Management?

    Hello dear

    There are many job opportunities for this hospital management course.more number of people choice this course inorder to help the poor and do their service to help others.Nearly one and half lakh people join and make their career in this regard:They are:

    Health agencies
    medical and dental laboratories
    offices of medical and other practitioners
    other health and allied services
    assistant hospital administrators
    managers of non health department like finance
    in hospitals
    large group medical practices
    mental health facilities
    multifaceted nursing home corporations
    associate administration
    government and private hospitals
    national and international health care organisations
    health insurance companies
    mental health organisations
    public health organisations and rehabilitation centers
    pharmaceuticals and hospital supply firms
    medical software companies and hospital consulting firms

    So prepare well with which you have taken course and get good benefits from it .Moreover the there are job opportunities both in india as well as in abroad.Usually the salaries range from the 30000 to 50000 and above based upon the talent,institution ,company ,work experience and the location in which you live

    All the best...........

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    Re: Job opportunities after MBA in Hospital Management?

    Hello dear Aspirant

    There are So many jobs available under the Hospitality Management

    More than Half of the fields of the jobs are present under the Hospitality management

    You can work as

    >> Hospital Administrators

    >> As managers

    >> Educators

    >> Coding Specialist

    >> Quality Analyst

    >> Medical transcription firms

    >> Government and private Hospitals

    >> Editors etc.,

    in the So many departments like

    >> Hospitals

    >> Large Group medical practices

    >> Clinics

    >> Mental Health Facilities

    >> Multy Nursing Home Facilities

    That is all

    Good luck

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