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    Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?

    please. give informations about future after mba integrated cource

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    Re: Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?


    MBA or Masters in Business Administration graduates get plenty of job opportunities in India. There are plenty of jobs for MBA graduates to grab in India. These jobs are not limited to one particular sector since MBA pragrams prepare students to work in the management field regardless of the company and industry.

    This is why you would see MBA graduates working in the field of Banking, Stock Broking, Medical, IT and several other industries. This pretty much answers your question that yes there are jobs in banking sector for the MBA graduates. However what kind of job you would get purely depends on the subject of your MBA course.

    You can do MBA in various branches such as:

    ::Operations management
    ::finance and many more.

    Your subject for the MBA course would ultimately decide in which field you will get the job.You can get various jobs in the fields like:


    ::Real Estate

    ::Money Management

    ::Commercial Banking


    ::Investment Banking

    Now to work in the banking sector, you need to have MBA in Finance. This degree would allow you to work not just in the banking sector in other areas as:

    ::Financial Managers

    ::Risk and Insurance Managers

    ::Investment Banking

    ::Credit Managers and Specialists

    ::Treasurers and Finance Officers

    ::Accounting Managers

    All the best

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    Re: Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?

    You did not mention whether you are going to join Integrate MBA course or you completed that one.

    But one thing I am sure that, there are good number of jobs for the candidates after completion of Integrated MBA course.

    When compared to MBA candidates without BBA background, candidates who will come from Integrated MBA course are having well enough subject knowledge and perfect management skills.

    Because all the 5 years, these candidates were taught Management skills,

    So, these people will best serve the needs of the industry.

    The curriculum of Integrated MBA course is made as per the industry needs.

    But this course is being offered by less number of colleges in India. Try to get admission for this course in a college or university where the campus placements are very high. Please make a note of it.

    Because, I have seen many of the candidates who did Integrated MBA from top colleges and got placement before the completion of MBA course.

    If it happens, you are the luckiest person.

    As per the specialization that you choose in MBA course, also choose the industry in which you want to have the job.

    Make a list of top giants in that industry and time to time know the information regarding job opportunities in those companies.

    Apply for the job which best suit you and crack the selection procedure.

    But don't join in any job without having interest and satisfaction.

    Wish you all the best.

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    Re: Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?

    Hello dear friend

    Job opportunities after MBA integrated course:

    Many institutes offering an integrated BBA+MBA that can be completed in three years

    Very few institutes offers this course in india as this new approach

    Career prospects:

    -->Manufacturing companies

    -->Export and trading houses

    -->Financial cocerns



    ->Multinational operations


    All the very best

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    Re: Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?


    Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course,

    2.Money Management
    3.Investment Banking
    4.Finance Officers
    5.Financial Managers
    6.Accounting Managers
    7.Credit Managers
    8.Multinational operations
    9.Manufacturing companies.

    All the best.............

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    Re: Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?

    there is plenty of job opportunities after completing integrated mba courses. It depends upon the branch which you have selected for the pursuing master,s degree. There are many mba branches like finance, sales and management, hotel management, hr, tourism etc. Are such a branches offers many more job opportunities with a good salary packages.

    job opportunities after integrated mba courses are:-

    [1]-it sectors

    [2]-manufacturing companies


    [4]-hotel manager

    [5]-hr manager

    [6]-investment banking

    [7]-international business managent

    [8]-accounting manager


    [10]-import/ export

    according to the branch of mba there are many companies where you can apply for the job in many companies in india as well as in abroad.

    good luck.

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    Re: Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course?


    Job opportunities after Integrated MBA course ,

    Financial Managers
    Risk and Insurance Managers
    Investment Banking
    Credit Managers and Specialists
    Finance Officers
    Real Estate
    Money Management
    Commercial Banking

    Thank you...............

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