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    Information about Management projects?

    I am a cse final year student..Pls provide me some brief information about the following project and also its form information..
    1.document management
    2.Warehouse management
    3.order processing system..

    Please help me..

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    Re: Information about Management projects?

    Hi friend,

    Your question is bit away from the topic of this forum but still I will try to answer it.
    I assume that as you are CSE final year student you must be talking about your final year project, and must be some kind software development along with documentation.
    Good resources are available on site called sourceforge. You can download many open source softwares from here, you will get code and documentation as well.
    Take for example
    -for document management system they have this.
    -for order processing check out this link.
    -for warehouse management waresoft is there.

    These softwares are free to download and you can modify them as per your needs.
    I hope this info helps you.......

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