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    Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Hi...Iam Arnold and i hav completed my B.Com..I wanted to know if its a good idea to do my MBA Specialisation in HR...KINDLY HELP???

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?


    Yes, I will help you out to decide which way you want to head in selecting specialization of your choice. See, This question is always the matter of choice in deciding the specialization. It always demands your interest and passion to move ahead with it. If you are interested in HR then you can go ahead with this. But, You should have optimum knowledge required to pursue that specialization. Human Resource Management requires inter-personal skills , communication skills, leadership skills. In short, you need to have overall developed personality. This is the minimum prerequisite with which you can enter into your field of Human Resource Management and explore it further in best possible manner as you can.


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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Yes, I want you to choose the head by a special test to help you out. See, the question is always the best choice in the decisions. It's always a feeling of interest and you have to move it. If you are interested you can leave the office. But, you have the right to proceed with a special knowledge. Human resource management inter-personal skills, communication skills, leadership ability is required. In short, you have the entire adult personality. You enter in the field of human resource management, you can find it in your best best is a minimum prerequisite.

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?


    M.B.A. is a good option for B.Com students provided you choose the specialization of your choice. You need to understand the subjects and specializations that you are actually good at and actually interested in and then opt for this masters degree.

    I think all the options like HR, marketing, Finance are the best options for B.Com Students.

    I hope this answers your question.

    For more information on such interesting topics, log on to http://edurite.com

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Yes friend

    HR is good for each and every background student.

    It basically deals with the following aspects which are very vital for any organization.

    The role of HR is very vital in all the organization.
    he is the one who takes care of the humar resource requirements of the org.

    He is responsible for the following activities.

    • Recruiting,Selection of employees
    • Employee record keeping
    • Organisational design and development
    • Industrial and employee relations
    • Compensation and employee benefit management
    • Training and development
    . Motivation and morale building

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Hello Friend ,

    Most of the MBA aspirants go for MBA in Human Resources as the demand for HR Managers in increasing in today's industry .

    You can go for HR as the general criteria for MBA is Graduation in any discipline with 50% aggregate marks . It is relaxed to 45% for Reserved Category (SC/ST) Students .

    MBA with Human Resources Degree Significance :

    The educational backgrounds of these workers vary considerably, reflecting the diversity of duties and levels of responsibility.
    For specialites your previous experience, degree or cerification are assets and are essential for top level or upper positions in organization of business, including managers, arbitrators, and mediators.
    Graduates with certification should have the best career opportunities. Other workers with skills and expertise in interpersonal relations include counselors, education administrators, public relations specialists, lawyers, psychologists, social and human service assistants, and social workers.
    Nature of works

    Act as a link:- Every organization wants to attract the most qualified employees and match them to jobs for which they are best suited. Human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists provide contact between top management and employees in large enterprises.

    Policies & planning:- Human resource managers performed the administrative function of an organization, handling employee benefits questions or recruiting, new work force interviewing in accordance with policies established by top management, they also consult with top executives regarding strategic planning.

    Enhance morale and productivity:- There are many types of human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists. HR managers help their firms effectively improving employee skills, provide them training and development opportunities and increase employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and working conditions. In a small organization, a human resource manager or expert or specialist may require an extensive range of knowledge as they handle all aspects of human resources work.

    Human resource director:- As a HR director in large corporation you may supervise several departments, each headed by an experienced manager who most likely specializes in one human resources activity, such as,
    Employee relations
    Compensation, benefits, and job analysis
    Development & training
    Employment and placement
    Work environment.
    The director may report to a top human resources executive.

    Virtually every industry requires human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists. About 17,000 managers and specialists were self-employed, working as consultants to public and private employers.

    The private sector accounted for nearly 9 out of 10 jobs. Human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists held about 868,000 jobs in 2006, projected employment, 2016 is 1,015,000. Government employed 13% of human resources managers and specialists. Overall employment is projected to grow by 17% between 2006 and 2016.

    Employment of labor relations staff, including arbitrators and mediators, should grow as firms become more involved in labor relations and attempt to resolve potentially costly labor-management disputes out of court. Job growth may keep increasing as demand for specialists in international human resources management and human resources information systems.

    Job prospects:-

    As human resources management becomes increasingly important to the success of an organization. College graduates who have earned certification should have the best job opportunities. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in human resources, human resources administration, or industrial and labor relations should be in demand; those with a technical or business background or a well-rounded liberal arts education also should find opportunities.

    Demand for human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists is governed by the staffing needs of the firms for which they work. A rapidly expanding business is likely to hire additional human resources workers—either as permanent employees or consultants.


    Annual salary rates for human resources workers may vary according to occupation, skill, level of experience, result oriented work, training, location, and firm size. Annual earnings human resources managers were from $$98,400 up to $142,590.

    The average salary for human resources managers employed by the Federal Government was $76,503 in 2007; for labor-management relations examiners, $94,927; and for manpower development specialists, $86,071.

    ​All The Best !

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Hi Arnold,

    While choosing the specialization in MBA always think that what kind of job you can do exceptionally well, where your interest area lies .
    Choosing HR as your specialization in MBA would be good no doubt if you have interest in Human resource Management and you think you can perform exceptionally well in HR.
    Well if you are going for HR, your communication skills should be excellent and you should have knowledge of human behavior and psychology.
    If you pursue your MBA in HR you can go for following kind of jobs after your MBA -

    Training & Development
    Employee Relations
    Statutory compliance
    Generalist HR
    HR Operations.

    All the best.

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Hi friend,
    MBA HR is a good option for you if you are interested in it. Usually for B.com candidates Finance will be recommended. But it seems you are interested in HR. If one chose his own interested field then surely he will get success. So chose which field you are interested. All the best for your bright career.

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    Re: Is HR a good option for B.Com students?

    Hello My Dear Aspirant,

    In My Opinion, Human Resource Management is not a good choice for B.Com Graduates.For B.Com Graduates Finance specialization is one good choice for You.Most Of the B.Com candidates will go for Finance Specialization.

    Of Course If You really want to go for Human Resource Specialization then You can go for HR Management Specialization.If you are having interest to go for Human Resource Management.Human Resource Management is also good to you but You must be having some skills then only you will be survived in the Human Resource Field.They are;

    1.Excellent Communication Skills
    2.Problem Solving Skills
    3.Good Listening Skills
    4.Managerial Skills
    5.Leadership Skills
    6.No Partiality in the Work
    7.Friendly with the employees
    8.Problem Identification Skills
    9.Decision Making Skills
    10.Innovative thinking Skills towards Problems

    But As a Management Candidate i won't suggest HR Specialization to You.If You go for Finance Specialization You will be having huge scope for getting good opportunities in the top companies.

    But Try to do from good business schools,Where You will be having good scope for getting good opportunities in the top companies.

    Top Management Institutes in India:

    1.Indian Institute of management-Ahmadabad
    2.Management development institute-Gurgaon
    3.Xaviour Labour relations Institute-Jamshedpur
    4.Faculty Management studies-Delhi
    5.National Institute of Industrial Engineering-Mumbai
    6.SP Jain institute of management and Research-Mumbai
    7.Indian institute of foreign Trade-New Delhi
    8.Institute of Management Technology-Ghaziabad
    9.Shailesh Mehta school of Management,IIT-Mumbai
    10.Xaviour Institute of Management-Mumbai

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