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    How to prepare for MBA?

    so plz give me full information

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    Re: How to prepare for MBA?

    Here are some tips to prepare for clearing MBA entrance exam.

    Technique for cracking the written exam:
    1. Firstly you should be aware of the updated syllabus.
    2. Make proper schedule or time table.
    3. Give time to each and every subject.
    4. Identify your week points and string points and work accordingly.
    5. Solve previous year papers.
    6. Practice to solve the papers within time limit.
    7. During exam do not attempt question which requires more time try to finish them in end.

    For GD and PIs
    Prepare all possible general questions about yourself like – “Tell me about yourself? Etc. “and also prepare further questions which can be possibly made from the answers.
    Use the details of GD & PI given in various websites of last year or details given by students till then.
    Prepare current affairs, top news of the year, Budget, and mugged up the last two months’ main news and read political and business magazines.

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    Re: How to prepare for MBA?



    To prepare for MBA you need to focus and channelize your time and energy.
    Some tips are:
    • Follow a schedule
    • Make a time table
    • Complete the syllabus once atleast
    • Then concentrate on minor points
    • Learn Shortcuts
    • Learn Formulae
    • Practice in timed situation
    • Solve practice papers
    • Practice reading comprehensions well(as they fetch you good marks)
    You basically need to concentrate on your knowledge of quantitative aptitude, verbal proficiency, data interpretation, logical reasoning and general awareness. You even should be reading newspapers and watching news to keep you updated for the general awareness and group discussion round. Try and converse in English as it will increase your fluency and would help you in you GD/PI rounds. Practice mock GDs among yourselves and speak confidently.

    You may also join the coaching institute for professional guidance and support. They even provide you with proper tips and materials too study. Their best part is the mock practice as they create a virtual environment of the examination.
    The institutes you may join are:
    • Fermat Education's 2IIM
    • Career Forum
    • Career Launcher (CL)
    • IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd
    • Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt Ltd (T.I.M.E)
    All the best!!

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    Re: How to prepare for MBA?


    hello friend for preparing the Mba exam all you need to do is,

    1.First of you need to learn the key concepts from the aptitude section.

    2.secondly you can go ahead with the logical reasoning ability section.

    3.Thirdly you need to learn all the general knowledge,and mathematical ability.

    4.There are many good coaching centres like the TIME there are well expertised in this MBa you can go ahead with that.

    5.Refer as many mba books as you can surely this will help you to get good marks.

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    Re: How to prepare for MBA?

    Dear friend,

    You should take the Exam details from the web site at first. Understand the exam pattern and syllabus. You can take guidence from your seniors or if required join preparatory classes. You shole last year question papers.

    Work hard, set your study hours.

    Good luck

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    Re: How to prepare for MBA?

    Dear friend

    Here are some tips for you to prepare for your MBA exams.

    1. Start your preparations very well in advance. You will have to work hard. One night stydy will not help you to clear MBA entrance.

    2 . Make your schedule according to your routine work.

    3. As the exam approached near increase your time of study.

    4. You should study at least 4 hours a day seriously.

    5. Join a MBA coaching centre like TIME, IMS to know the tips and tricks for MBA entrance.

    6. learn new english words and practice a lot on your english written skills.

    7. Practice aptitude questios from books like RS agarwal, Quicker maths etc

    8. Practice reasoning from RS agarwal.

    9. Stay updated with the current affairs.

    10. go through the previous year question papers to understand the pattern of questions and prepare accordingly.

    And last but not the least WORK HARD!!!!!!!!

    good luck!!!

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