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    How to prepare for MBA 1st year in distance learning?

    how to prepare for mba 1st year in distance learning

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    Re: How to prepare for MBA 1st year in distance learning?

    This is an interesting question that you have asked. You want to know the tricks of preparation, which is really good. Now let me give you some tips to prepare yourself for MBA. These are:
    1) First loosely study all the subject topics covered in your first year, and try to identify those genres that you are weak in. You can also find that out from your college classes.
    2)So here one tip will be that do not miss your college classes. Attend them regularly. That way you will come to know about different aspects of your subject. Many of the problems that you had while studying the subject at home, will be solved in class only.
    3)Now, still those subjects that are worrying you must be studies every day. Keep sometime for those subjects that you feel you are weak in, everyday, and study them regular. This will decrease your fear.
    4)Normally distance institutes have something called assignment system. In those assignments lot of difficult and easy questions are provided. Solve them yourself and take help of your teachers. That way your preparation will become stronger.
    5) If needed then buy other reference books, in addition to the text books that are provided. Sometimes reference books on a particular subject help you to understand the subject even better than the text books.
    6)Lastly, keep one month before the examination, just for recapitulation. This will make your performance stronger in the examination.
    Try these and let me know, how much you succeeded.

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