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    How to establish a college with good startup branch?

    sir i wana 2 open a college n this is my frst yr. in this buisness..so can mba in educational managment help me or suggest me any other course by which i can get help in running my college

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    Re: How to establish a college with good startup branch?

    Well this is a very unusual question, that you have asked. I must say, that I am quite impressed. Well for establishing a college you need experience and a good amount of bank balance. You must think that when you open a college you will have one or two departments initially. So you will require teachers, non teaching staffs, librarians, principal, director and class post staffs to work in the college. Do you have that much monetary support? You need a financial consultant for you. You can help yourself if you do MBA in Finance and Accounting. Definitely educational management course will help you. But first complete MBA in finance or MBA in Entrepreneurship(This helps you, if you are going to start a business on your own) then go for any other MBA. You will need good publicity so that students apply for your college. So for that you will need very good lecturers. You will also need UGC or AICTE approval, so you will have to apply for that collge. So prepare yourself accordingly.

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