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    Guidance about preparation for campus interview?

    I'm a MBA student and have an avg 60% now. How to prepare for campus interview and how many step's in interview for MBA students

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    Re: Guidance about preparation for campus interview?

    Re: Guidance about preparation for campus interview?


    Its good to see that you are so serious about the interview.
    I am giving you 5 golden tips that you should follow.
    These are-

    1. Eye Contact
    2. Take a deep breath everytime you start speaking
    3. Be polite and positive
    4. Show your strengths
    5. Practice before an Interview

    Along with this I'm sending you an URL of a video that shows how to crack interview.
    The video URL is-


    Hope this video will help you a great deal!

    Treat an interview as if you are meeting some new people for the first and then you are interacting with them by just answering few of their questions. That's it!
    Just be confident in what you are speaking.

    As far as the interview questions are concerned,some of the questions that are almost certain to be asked by the interviewer are as follows-

    Q1) Tell me something about yourself.
    Q2) What are your strong points?
    Q3) Why do you want to join this company
    Q4) Why should I hire you?

    These are the most common questions that are asked during the interview.
    You need to answer in a very effective manner.
    For example,while answering the fourth question,you should talk about your qualities and all the achievements.
    Make sure that you answer in such a way that the interviewer starts feeling that yes,you are the right person!


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    Re: Guidance about preparation for campus interview?


    Look you should be prepared and should answer all the questions with confidence. You should prepare yourself to some of the common questions asked in the interview like:

    ∑ Tell us about yourself.
    ∑ Why do you think you are fit for the job?
    ∑ Some technical questions related to the job profile.
    ∑ How much salary you expect?
    ∑ Do you have any questions for us? (Itís important you answer this question. Answering it would show your interest in the job)

    For answers to the questions, check this : zuby.in/resources/career-resources/5-most-important-interview-questions-part-1.html

    And all the best!

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